Infrastructure as a Service / IaaS at HOSTING

Smart leaders are leveraging the flexibility, security and availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to provide their organizations with heightened performance at less cost than traditional IT set-ups. The agility which IaaS provides an organization is second to none: IaaS keeps up with a company’s changing needs by scaling to address increasing demand and – just as easily – constricting if the need passes.

There are currently three models of IaaS on the market: self-service, fully managed and empowered. To determine the right model for your organization, consider your environment, skillset, culture, willingness to outsource and, of course, your pocketbook.

Empowered IaaS

Different models work best for different businesses, but empowered Infrastructure as a Service, which is what HOSTING provides, strikes a good balance between low-cost, self-serve models and high-cost, fully outsourced models. Our empowered IaaS management model inherently understands and serves the mid-market mentality – offering a solution that provides visibility and control without the cost and resource issues that come with some other options.

HOSTING has built our empowered IaaS offering to provide customers with all the financial benefits this incredible technology can offer. For one, our service provides customers the predictability of a set monthly fee while eliminating related capital expenditures. By ensuring mission-critical applications have 100% uptime, HOSTING IaaS also helps customers avoid the economic impact of downtime during system upgrades or hardware failures.

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