We Manage Your Cloud. You Get Visibility and Control.


lifecycleWhen it comes to management, our model is managed services. We manage the cloud platform, but our customers get visibility and overall control. We do this with a comprehensive set of customer support and management capabilities. As shown in the diagram to the left, we wrap our services around the organization (YOU) in the middle. The first level of interaction is with our Customer Portal and monitoring tools. We reinforce those tools with an Entourage support team – a dedicated team of support engineers. Organizations are also supported by a customer relationship manager who provides ongoing consultation and guidance during longer-term strategic initiatives. This is all backed by a number of Centers of Excellence. These centers leverage the experience of subject matter experts in areas such as Cloud, Network, or Security Data Center Operations.

As we manage the environment, we use policies, procedures and work instructions based on the ITIL methodology. We are ITIL-certified and committed to using ITIL best practices to deliver service excellence to our customers.

An essential element of managing a mission-critical application is making sure it remains Always On. Learn about the final phase of our cloud methodology—Protect.

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