Launches ColdFusion 9 in the Cloud

Becomes First Hosting Provider to Announce The General Availability Of ColdFusion 9 in a Cloud Environment. Also Available for Dedicated Solutions.

Denver, CO, November 2, 2009 –, the leading provider of managed hosting, cloud hosting and colocation solutions and an Adobe® Solution Partner, today announced the general availability of ColdFusion® 9 in its Cloud and Dedicated environments. is the first provider to launch ColdFusion 9’s availability in a Cloud Hosting environment. is the world’s most trusted ColdFusion hosting provider servicing over 6,000 global ColdFusion customers – many since 1997.

ColdFusion 9 Enterprise and Standard editions are available in the Cloud Enterprise, Cloud Dedicated and Dedicated Hosting platforms. Cloud Enterprise, starting as low as $165 per month, provides on-demand cloud hosting via a secure web portal so businesses can rapidly deploy virtual servers and modify resources as needed – and provides high availability and elasticity to each client. Cloud Enterprise requires no contracts and clients can purchase, provision and add CPU, RAM, and DISK online in as little as one minute.

“By providing access to ColdFusion 9, is giving the developer community the tools they need to build dynamic Web sites and Internet applications,” said Adam Lehman, product manager of ColdFusion at Adobe Systems, Inc. “This will ultimately help companies accelerate their development cycles by reducing complex and powerful business logic into a few lines of code.”

The ColdFusion 9 release unveils new features designed for improved productivity including interoperability with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office files and portlet standards, an enhanced Adobe® AIR® application for managing multiple ColdFusion servers from one location, local and remote database synchronization with Adobe AIR and deep integration with Hibernate’s object relational mapping (ORM).

“For more than 10 years, ColdFusion hosting has been a critical element of the brand,” says Matt Ferrari, Director of Platform Engineering. “We are positive that the addition of ColdFusion to our Cloud Enterprise environment will provide enhancements to the existing ColdFusion community and will attract new ColdFusion users.”