Disaster Recovery Planning

Every organization knows how important disaster recovery planning is but — like any insurance policy — it’s the kind of item that’s not exactly inspiring to consider. Further, many companies simply lack the time, resources or skill sets to prepare, implement, update and test a disaster recovery plan.

That’s where HOSTING Advanced Solutions comes into play. Our experts first enable an organization to understand its current state risk position. Next, we work in tandem to create a strategic and tactical disaster recovery plan. and assist our clients in the implementation and ongoing maintenance of a disaster recovery environment.

Our Proprietary Disaster Recovery Planning Framework™ 

Our experts guide organizations through six simple steps and use a proven methodology to create a custom plan tailored to meet uptime requirements:

  • Current State Assessment – The deep-dive analysis of an organization’s current state infrastructure, including pockets of risk.
  • Requirements Gathering — The collaborative process of collecting and documenting critical applications and availability requirements.
  • Initial Disaster Recovery Planning — The creation of a new, fully customized disaster recovery plan or update to an existing one.
  • Fit Assessment – The determination of and response to any gaps between the DR plan and the environment 
  • Deployment — The initial deployment of the disaster recovery environment
  • Testing and Mitigation — The final step: testing and mitigation of the disaster recovery plan for confident roll-out

The end result? HOSTING Advanced Solutions team leave the building and organizations are secure that they have a tested and verified critical disaster recovery infrastructure ready to meet their specific business continuity requirements — all at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery services.

To learn more, download the Disaster Recovery Planning datasheet or request a quote today.