Security Assessment

As we all know, even a seemingly small security breach can lead to costly consequences. Companies who experience breaches often suffer intellectual property loss, customer and revenue attrition, and reputation damage that can be incredibly difficult — or even impossible — to recover from. The truth is that nost security breaches are opportunistic and could easily be prevented.

The HOSTING Advanced Solutions security assessment service offers complete and verified analysis of the entire IT environment to prepare for unforeseen threats – without unnecessary investment in hardware or software.

Our Proprietary Security Assessment Framework™

  • Testing – The thorough analysis of infrastructure to pinpoint any possible pockets of vulnerability
  • Review – The analysis of all current security process and procedure documentation and assessment of internal controls as well as adherence by staff, vendors and contractors
  • Collaboration — The close partnership with internal teams and other stakeholders to prioritize and address identified issues 
To best fit our clients’ unique needs, we offer two security assessment options:
Security Threat Exposure Assessment 
The review of  eight critical areas of security exposure and provision of our proprietary Security Assessment Scorecard to help organizations understand areas of need and then mobilize to improve security.

Specific Threat Assessment 
A deep-dive evaluation of an organization’s self-identified top priority threat areas. Our analysts provide a detailed report outlining specific exposures along with the corrective actions needed.

To learn more, download the Security Assessment datasheet or contact us today for a customized quote.