Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Flexible, Scalable, Adaptable

For many organizations, a single approach to the cloud is simply not an answer. Companies that require multiple IT platforms (due to legacy applications, special IT attributes, regulatory mandates or the like) are oftentimes well-suited for the flexibility and ease of hybrid cloud hosting.

Unlike some providers who use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, HOSTING’s hybrid cloud server architectures can be “mixed and matched” to create a hybrid managed cloud environment that is fully suited to the company — and its business needs. HOSTING teams leverage our deep institutional cloud hosting and business optimization expertise to build fully customized hybrid cloud architectures and managed service designs that scale with the organization. 

Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting Delivers High Performance

Hybrid CloudHOSTING Hybrid Cloud provides the best of all possible cloud deployments. Organizations are free to run standalone components independently or as part of a network. Connect a colocated and/or dedicated environment to a private cloud or public cloud via a private dedicated network. Replicate to a secondary HOSTING data center for secure availability of all mission-critical data and applications.

Use our services as needed. Leverage HOSTING’s expertise to design a scalable, hybrid solution that’s purpose-built for your business. The result: Increased computing power and improved data management with high security and 100% availability.

Get the benefits of dedicated serverscloud servers, and world-class colocation data centers in a single solution with a hybrid solution from HOSTING.