Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solutions

NAS simplifies file sharing/management across operating systems and platforms. With NAS, enterprises can scale without service interruption; free-up resources and increase server performance.  Management and provisioning is streamlined through the Customer Portal.

Common Uses for Network Attached Storage

  • Data sharing between multiple servers ( multiple load-balanced web-servers)
  • Archival or longer term storage
  • Document retention for compliance purposes
  • Storage available to cloud VM’s and physical servers
  • File-level storage attached to network
  • Storage available to multiple servers in your network

Advantages of Network Attached Storage

  • Reduces complexity of data storage and file sharing
  • Easy to manage and provision through Customer Portal
  • Scales without service interruption
  • Simplifies file sharing
  • Removes the responsibility of file serving from the server– freeing up resources and accelerating performance
  • Increases data availability with fully redundant architecture