Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Private clouds have a compelling value proposition for today’s businesses. Compared to the traditional approach of purchasing, provisioning and managing a physical environment, Cloud Private offers state-of-the-art equipment, enhanced securityimproved back-up options, and manageability.  A private cloud allows companies to leverage lower price-points associated with virtualization without placing their infrastructure in a shared environment. Avoid the economic impact of downtime that may occur during system upgrades or hardware failures with a private cloud solution.

What’s more, our managed solutions include technical support by HOSTING’s superior 24×7 Support team. Pool resources across the company; move workloads seamlessly between physical servers; lower operational costs; and avoid upfront capital expenses with a Cloud Private solution.

Private cloud hosting from HOSTING is available in two deployment options: Fully managed by us, or self-managed by the customer. This enterprise-level hypervisor-based VMware cloud platform allows two or more physical servers to be partitioned into multiple self-contained virtual machines. Workload balancing based on VMware’s DRS and VMotion software creates the perfect solution to meet single-tenant, on demand, application performance needs.

HOSTING Managed Cloud Private

HOSTING manages the infrastructure with licensing, monitoring and management of the virtualized operating system. Our professional design engineers will assist with architecting a Cloud Private solution that best fits business needs, using our Primary Storage Services and/or separately purchased customer storage. Select from our catalog of servers, extensive software, and managed services to customize your dedicated virtualized cluster.

Customer Managed, Self Service Cloud Private

Self-manage our Private Cloud using VMware’s vCenter virtualization management solution. This option provides easy visibility and manageability. Modification to RAM, CPU and Storage resources to any VM is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

  • Dedicated Hosting Environment
  • Enhanced Security options
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Unprecedented Scalability

Your customized private cloud solution will be hosted in one of our geographically dispersed data centers. The platform allows physical servers to be partitioned into self-contained virtual machines, each with its own operating system and set of applications. All HOSTING Cloud Private virtual machines include operating system architected and executed for our customers’ specific internal business requirements.


Feature Benefit
Data Center RedundancyLeverage the redundant power, cooling, infrastructure investment and network connectivity in our best-in-class data center
Enterprise Quality Hypervisor VirtualizationHOSTING’s solution leverages VMware’s Cloud software – a hypervisor-based virtualization solution that enterprise customers demand
Managed Deployment and SupportWe handle all virtualization needs with deployment and management of VMware, operating systems and applications – private cloud with personal service
Application PerformanceWorkload balancing with VMware’s DRS and VMotion ensures application performance within our virtual environment
Automated Failover With Cloud Private, server outages no longer equate to long downtimes. With auto-recover functionality, any VM server is brought up in its original state within a few minutes of other servers within the cluster

For a Private Cloud custom quote or to learn more, call a HOSTING solutions expert at 1.866.918.4678.