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    HOSTING Security Bundles

    Developed by HOSTING information security experts, our Security Bundles offer a choice of advanced cloud security and support services that keep enterprises ahead of changing cyber threats. Integrated compliance services mitigate risks for organizations subject to HIPAA and PCI compliance regulations.

    HOSTING Security Bundle™

    The HOSTING Security Bundle offers a suite of security solutions and services that help organizations establish a solid foundation against cyber threats, data breaches and other malicious activities. Streamlined, usage-based pricing allows organizations to adjust resource investments as necessary.

    HOSTING Security Bundle Plus™

    The HOSTING Security Bundle Plus includes all the solutions and services of the HOSTING Security Bundle, along with key resources for organizations that must adhere to compliance regulations such as those prescribed by HIPAA or PCI.  Organizations that invest in the HOSTING Security Bundle Plus also benefit from HOSTING 100% Audit Assurance.

    HOSTING Security Bundle

    • HOSTING Managed Patching™

      HOSTING offers managed patching services in order to keep customer systems and applications in the HOSTING infrastructure safe from malicious attacks. With the Basic Patching Service, HOSTING reviews and tests vendor patches, and deploys them on a customer-approved schedule.

    • HOSTING Malware Protection™

      The HOSTING Security Operations team performs daily, exhaustive scans of customer environments to safeguard them from the latest viruses, worms, spyware, adware and unprotected applications. Incident response personnel are notified of any suspicious or known bad activity on a customer’s server, allowing them to swiftly contain and eradicate it. HOSTING updates malware engines and signatures daily to ensure protection against the latest threats.

    • HOSTING Integrity Monitoring™

      HOSTING Integrity Monitoring detects unauthorized changes, accidental modifications, malware or malicious activity. Automatic alerts are triggered when files are altered, sending information to multiple virus scanning services to determine if the changes match any known vulnerabilities. Customers can include additional directories, or exclude specific files to be monitored via the HOSTING Customer PortalTM.

    • HOSTING Threat Management™

      HOSTING Threat Management monitors network and system activity for malicious actions and policy violations. It searches and identifies security vulnerabilities in the network to determine if and where a system can be exploited and/or threatened.  Regular reports allow organizations to pinpoint and address security vulnerabilities. HOSTING Threat Management meets key requirements for HIPAA, PCI DSS and other compliance regulations.

    • HOSTING Standard Backup™

      HOSTING Standard Backup service protects customer files in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. It performs a full backup of customer device(s) once a week and incremental backups for the next six days based on files that have been changed since the previous day. With HOSTING Standard Backup, restores can be performed based on specific files or directories, with a 14-day retention period.  In the event of a catastrophic failure of a device, a bare metal restore can be performed that will restore the entire device.

    • HOSTING Availability and Capacity Monitoring™

      HOSTING Availability and Capacity Monitoring ensures that customer devices are operating at optimum levels with the appropriate resources. It provides key data that allows customers to detect and resolve issues before they impact the end-user experience. By leveraging HOSTING Availability and Capacity Monitoring solutions, IT staffs can prevent issues, proactively plan for scaling, and increase their efficiency up to 80%.

    HOSTING Security Bundle Plus

    The HOSTING Security Bundle Plus includes all the solutions offered by the HOSTING Security Bundle, along with enhanced compliance services.

    • HOSTING Log Management™

      HOSTING Log Management automatically collects, transmits, analyzes and archives log data. It identifies compliance and security issues from this data, saving time and money, while reducing complexity. HOSTING Log Management provides scalable real-time log collection with 90-day and one-year data retention to accommodate customers’ changing IT environments. Customers can view real-time and historical data from any browser on a dedicated portal. Also included is Log Review which offloads the routine task of daily review and satisfy compliance needs that require that review. Logs are reviewed daily by security analysts who examine event log data, track and escalate issues, and send notifications to customers when issues that expose the organization to compliance violations are discovered.

    • HOSTING Web Application Firewall™

      The HOSTING Web Application Firewall protects business-critical applications and web sites from web application attacks, including zero-day exploits and emerging threats. It offers 24×7 monitoring and incident escalation by certified security analysts, along with ongoing tuning and management of the web application firewall. The HOSTING Web Application Firewall provides immediate PCI DSS 6.6 compliance, along with support for other compliance mandates.

    • HOSTING 100% Audit Assurance™

      HOSTING guarantees that certain compliance services provided to our customers will be able to pass assessments for several industry standard security frameworks and regulatory obligations for their hosted environments. In the event that those services become an impediment to compliance, HOSTING will fix the gap at our own expense or allow the customer out of its contract with no penalty and issue the customer a refund (up to one month’s service).

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • Comprehensive cloud security solutions that meet or exceed regulations for HIPAA and PCI compliance
    • Three channels of expert customer support, accessible 24 x 7 x 365
    • Dedicated support teams fluent in organizations’ specific requirements and cloud environments


    • Custom security solutions that address organizations’ ongoing business and compliance requirements
    • Industry-leading tech-to-customer ratio equals swift response times
    • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for IT planning maximizes revenue and improves operational efficiency
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