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    Comprehensive Cloud Security and Support Solutions

    HOSTING offers advanced levels of cloud security and support across our hybrid cloud solutions to fully protect corporate data and mitigate risks for our customers subject to HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliance.

    We help you stay ahead of the curve in the maintenance of your positive compliance status with on-staff HIPAA compliance experts who are ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) certified. Moreover, we are committed to having a high level of operating standards in our data centers which are strategically dispersed across the U.S., as evidenced by our completion of the SOC 2 independent audit. Contact our Solutions Team to discuss our security solutions for compliance in more detail.

    We Manage Your Risk, You Manage Your Business

    From security breaches to disaster recovery, HOSTING’s role and responsibilities as your provider of cloud security solutions is clearly outlined for strategic IT planning to maximize revenue and improve operational efficiency within any organization. Some of the key technical and support specifications of HOSTING ‘Security in the Cloud’ solutions include:

    24 x 7 x 365 Support

    Our customers are provided three channels to interface with their support team:

    • Customers are provided with individual, secure logins to the HOSTING Customer Portal™. From the Portal, customers can either chat securely with a support expert, or open an incident ticket directly.
    • Customers have access to a toll-free, round-the-clock phone number which is answered by seasoned Tier 2 and 3 support specialists.
    • Customers are also invited to contact our support experts via email.

    HOSTING customers are assigned dedicated support teams who are well-versed in the organization’s specific requirements and cloud environment. The cross-collaborative approach allows HOSTING to operate within an industry-leading customer-to-tech ratio.

    HOSTING Managed Firewall™

    Our hypervisor-based, VMsafe-certified HOSTING Managed Firewall™ is engineered specifically for virtualized environments and provides more than 10 times the throughput of non-VMsafe firewalls.

    HOSTING Intrusion Detection™

    HOSTING has teamed with Alert Logic to offer an on-demand IDS platform that utilizes software-as-a-service to deliver the benefits of rapid deployment and zero maintenance to your business.

    View a complete list of technical and support details on HOSTING cloud security and support solutions for compliance.

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • Comprehensive cloud security solutions that meet or exceed regulations for HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliance
    • Three channels of expert customer support, accessible 24 x 7 x 365
    • Dedicated support teams fluent in organizations’ specific requirements and cloud environments


    • Custom security solutions that address organizations’ ongoing business and compliance requirements
    • Industry-leading tech-to-customer ratio equals swift response times
    • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for IT planning maximizes revenue and improves operational efficiency
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