• Managed Environments for Maximum Efficacy.

    There is perhaps no more important ingredient to business success than the provision of a secure environment in which your employees can openly collaborate and communicate.

    The HOSTING suite of Application Service Management includes end-to-end services to ensure that organizations’ Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint solutions are fully optimized and secure.

    Our proprietary service offerings include the following tiers:

    • Assessment – We learn the ins and outs of your environment and provide best practice recommendations for how to leverage applications to streamline business communications.
    • Consulting Services – HOSTING experts work on an as-needed basis to troubleshoot and problem solve issues with your managed environments.
    • Managed Services – Retainer-based experts are at your beck and call to free up your IT staff from the day-to-day grind of overseeing and optimizing your Exchange Server and SharePoint applications.

    To learn more, please click through to access further information on our suite of managed applications:

    Accelerate decision-making and erase collaboration barriers with HOSTING Application Services. Contact us to learn how.

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