• Service Disruption - Denver - 05/24/2017

    We are currently experiencing an issue in our Denver location. Our internal teams are currently investigating.

  • Newark Network Connectivity Issues - 3/11/2017

    Current network connectivity issues to the Newark Datacenter. Network Operations is currently working to diagnose the cause.

    UPDATE: 6:40pm 3/11/2017 Issue with an upstream provider, we routed around it. Tests show network connectivity back to normal.Seeing problems? Please contact support

  • Networking Latency 1/17/2017 - Resolved

    Our networking team failed our core devices over and everything cleared. They will be investigating the root cause of the latency. If you have any further issues please contact your support team.

  • Denver Network Latency 1/17/2017

    We are currently experiencing latency in our Denver Datacenter. Our networking team is investigating currently. We expect this to be resolved soon. We will provide an update shortly.

  • Customer chat access 1/17/17

    We are aware of an issue accessing chat through the Customer Portal. Chat is working on secondary pages such as DNS or Ordering. Please click over to one of those pages to initiate a chat session. We will be implementing a fix for this later today. We can always be reached via telephone by calling the number listed in the portal.

  • Dallas Phone Issues 12/29/16

    Current phone issues at our Dallas location.  If assistance needed, please call the support line. # listed at

  • DDOS - Denver - 11/11/2016

    Denver data center had a DDOS around 6:10 est which lasted 30 minutes and may have affected connectivity for all customers with services in Denver.

  • DynDNS Outage - Intermittent Connectivity issues - 10/21/2016

    DynDNS has reported that the issue has been fully resolved. If you see or experience anymore issues please contact support.

  • DynDNS Outage - Intermittent Connectivity issues - 10/21/2016

    DynDNS update advanced service monitoring issue resolved Engineers are still investigating and mitigating the attacks on our infrastructure

  • DynDNS Outage - Intermittent Connectivity issues - 10/21/2016

    DynDNS are reporting service issues again due to a DDOS attack. Status updates may be found here