• LOU - Cloud Node Outage 2-20-2018

    At around 6:25 PM EST a Cloud Node in our Louisville Data Center Failed. All Virtual Machines failed over to new hosts automatically. This would have caused them to Power Cycle. Affected Customers are being notified directly.

  • Ticket System Outage 2-19-18

    The ticketing system is currently back online. We are monitoring and using it as normal. We will continue to closely monitor. Thank you for your patience during this issue.

  • Ticket System Outage 2-19-18

    We are currently seeing an outage with our ticketing system. We have contacted the vendor to investigate this immediately. If you have any urgent issues please call support to handle. We will follow up once the system is available. Thank you.

  • Creating Tickets in Portal Error 2/11/18 (Resolved)

    The clean up has completed. Everything is functioning as expected. Please contact support if you have any further issues.

  • Creating Tickets in Portal Error 2/11/18

    The changes have been completed by our engineering team. Once done they tested creating tickets and it functioned as its intended. They are doing some clean up that may cause the portal to load slower then usual. This is only temporary. We will monitor this and follow up once done.

  • Creating Tickets in Portal Error 2/11/18

    We believe we have found the issue that is causing issues with creating tickets. Our engineering team is implementing a fix now and then we will test and ensure its working properly. Please continue to call in for new ticket creations until resolved.

  • Creating Tickets in Portal Error 2/11/18

    We are still actively working internally to troubleshoot the ticket creation via the portal. At this time please contact support for any new ticket creations.

  • Creating Tickets in Portal error 2/11/18

    We are currently experiencing issues with creating tickets in our Customer Portal. Our engineers and our Ticket System administrators are looking into this now. If you have to get a ticket opened please call your support department. We will continue to provide updates.

  • SF Network Issue Update - 2/8/2018

    The network issue appears to be a false positive and there was no actually outage.. There was a brief disruption between SFO and our monitoring platform. Please contact support if you are having any further issues.

  • SF network issue- 2/8/2018

    There was a short network issue that may have affected Colo customers in the San Francisco DC for roughly 30 minutes, starting 3:10 AM Est. This has since been resolved. Please contact support if you are having any further issues.