• Service Excellence

    Our cross-collaborative approach and proprietary WOW training empowers all of our employees to create the best possible cloud computing experience for our customers. Not only is it in our DNA, it also contributes to our industry-leading Net Promoter Score – the gauge by which every HOSTING employee is measured.

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  • Infrastructure

    The HOSTING infrastructure provides organizations with the visibility, control and reporting capabilities to efficiently co-manage their cloud environments. Customers can select the level of support that best aligns with their budget and in-house expertise.

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  • About Us

    HOSTING collaborates with customers to create custom cloud environments that meet today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. Learn why more than 3,000 global companies rely on HOSTING as their trusted cloud solutions provider.

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  • SLAs

    HOSTING customers demand the highest levels of performance, scalability and availability in their cloud environments. We deliver all of that every day, backed by industry-leading service level agreements.

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  • HOSTING? Here’s Why.

    There is a lot of chatter about the cloud these days.

    Some people say the cloud is “huge”.

    Many of them think the cloud is “sexy”.

    And there are 3,000 companies claiming to be the “leading cloud provider”, while boasting of their “world-class data centers.”

    No wonder organizations are challenged to select a cloud solution provider they can trust.

    HOSTING didn’t become a recognized leader in cloud computing based solely on our world-class data centers – although we have plenty of those. Global organizations view us a trusted advisor who works in collaboration to create custom cloud solutions that anticipate and address their most complex business challenges. We educate, lead and proactively map out our customers’ technology path to help them achieve their goals.

    We strive to hire the best people in the industry – those that possess a unique blend of business acumen, technical savvy and, of course, an unwavering commitment to customer service. Every person on our team believes that the only opinion that matters belongs to our customers. And they view every day as a new opportunity to better serve them.

    With the rapid-fire changes happening in business and technology, some cloud companies ask, “What now?” HOSTING asks, “What’s next?”

    We are innovators who continually seek revolutionary technologies and practices to help our customers grow, innovate and win.

    We Are Not…

    • Order takers
    • A bureaucratic machine
    • A traditional web hosting firm
    • A company that sacrifices its values just to get a deal done
    • Like anyone else

    Let’s get the conversation started. Contact us today.

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