10 Questions to Ask an MSP . . . Before You Sign

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Choosing a top managed service provider (MSP) to guide you on your cloud journey can be a complicated, stressful and time-consuming process. Look around: the market is flooded with companies promising everything under the sun, with confusing and lengthy documentation, agreements and guarantees to sort through and compare.

Yet, with more than 75% of businesses in the cloud offloading management issues to MSPs, it’s clear that the need remains pertinent. So how should one start the discussions? We decided to go straight to the source: the buyers themselves. HOSTING asked some of our customers to weigh in on the top ten questions to ask an MSP and collected the top responses in a new e-guide, Caveat Emptor: 10 Questions to Ask a Managed Service Provider Before You Sign.

As one might expect, the questions covered virtually all aspects of an engagement with an MSP – from relationships between client and provider to technical capabilities to how invested the firm is in its customers’ satisfaction.

Some specific examples include:

  • How the MSP structures its approach based on each customer’s specific needs, including the various roles and responsibilities that need to be defined from the beginning of the engagement onward, as well as how the teams interact
  • How the MSP approaches managing hybrid environments and different platforms – including the big guns of AWS, Azure, Google and SoftLayer as well as private clouds and colocated environments
  • How the MSP is equipped to handle regulatory cloud compliance needs, including how well-versed its executives and support teams are with the various policies governing healthcare organizations, financial service firms, retailers and so forth

Download Caveat Emptor: 10 Questions to Ask a Managed Service Provider Before You Sign to read a complete listing of the top questions our customers pinpointed as ‘need to know’ rather than ‘nice to have.’

Also be sure to join us for a live and interactive webinar discussing these questions with HOSTING President Bill Santos. 10 Questions to Ask a Managed Service Provider Before You Sign Webinar will be held on July 14 at 3 p.m. EST.


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