16 Sites in Two Weeks – HOSTING’s Cloud Solutions Transition F+W into the Digital World

While many cloud solution providers (CSPs) tout the speed, agility and availability of the cloud, most would hesitate to take on the challenge of bringing 16 sites live in just two weeks. From Day 1, HOSTING decided to be different. Having successfully transitioned more than 2,000 global customers to the cloud, we’re always up for a good challenge – which is why long-time client F+W relies on us as a trusted cloud solution advisor.

F+W is a content and ecommerce company that connects passionate, like-minded people across niche categories including: crafts, art, writing, design, outdoors and lifestyle. Faced with aging infrastructure and mindful of maintaining a positive customer experience, F+W needed to move swiftly in order to transition their publications and communities to the digital age. Downtime and lengthy project timelines were simply not options. The cloud computing experts at HOSTING provided an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure that helped replace F+W’s aging infrastructure while empowering them to take 16 different websites live in just two weeks. Cloud ROI

Shane Stout, Director of Design and Development for F+W recounts, “I chose HOSTING because they were the partner that we needed to go into a continuing and changing market . . . HOSTING was able to create cloud-based systems for us and help us move to that new paradigm.”

A key concern of Shane’s was having a trusted CSP who would maintain and protect F+W’s critical business assets 24 x 7 x 365. HOSTING’s always-on support experts understood F+W’s business goals equally as well as their cloud environment. And Shane can contact them via telephone, email or online chat – whatever’s most convenient for him.

As Shane points out, “Something that keeps me up at night is application and machine failures. The impact of an IT failure on our business can be huge. HOSTING has actually helped me through many of these problems.

“I have referred companies to HOSTING, but I’ve also taken three separate companies to them,” Shane continues, “Their quality and service are unparalleled, and they’re the right size for us. I trust them.”

Interested in hearing more about F+W’s success in the cloud?

View the video and hear why Shane Stout of F + W has brought three separate companies to HOSTING.


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