Enter the 2014 HOSTING Movember Contest!

Gentlemen, rev your ‘staches! You may be familiar with Movember, the movement sweeping the globe and inviting those so-inclined to grow glorious moustaches in an effort to raise awareness for men’s health. This year, the Culture Crew at HOSTING decided to draw special attention to this hirsute affair by throwing the first annual HOSTING Movember Contest!

That’s right, gentlemen (and ladies!), you’re invited to put your moustache-growing chops to the test! All it takes is a quick submission* to Movember@HOSTING.com with the following info:

  1. Your name (and/or chosen moniker)
  2. Your clean-shaven “Before” photo
  3. Why you’ve chosen to participate in Movember!

What’s the best part about this contest, you ask? The winner of the HOSTING Movember Contest will win a $500 donation made in their name to the Movember Foundation (or a charity of their choice)! Now, down to business – how the winner of our illustrious contest will be chosen. Here’s a timeline:

  • Oct. 31: Submissions close!
  • Nov. 1: Grow those ‘staches!
    • “Before” photos will be posted to the HOSTING Facebook page. Use this opportunity to let your friends and family know you’re participating and to drum up support! Use hash tags #MoHOSTING and #Movember in your social campaigning!
  • Nov. 15: Share your ‘stache!
    • Submit a “During” photo to Movember@HOSTING.com, if you’d like. We’ll use these images to promote the contest and keep the voting public engaged.
  • Nov. 30: Halt all growth!
    • That’s right, it will be time to bid farewell to your furry moustache friend! But first, take your “After” photo and send it to Movember@HOSTING.com or post it to our wall on Facebook!
  • Dec. 2: May the best ‘stache win!
    • Head over to the HOSTING Facebook page and find the “2014 Movember Contest – VOTING!” photo album! Encourage your friends, colleagues and family to “Like” your photo on the HOSTING page by Dec. 7.
  • Dec. 8: And the winner is…
    • Stay tuned to the HOSTING social media pages for the special announcement of our winner!

Now, ladies…don’t feel left out. We’ll gladly accept your submissions and encourage creative uses of fake ‘staches! If you can wow our social media audience with your ‘stache-tasticness, you could very well steal the crown.

Questions? Email Movember@HOSTING.com. May the best ‘stache win!

*Contest Terms and Conditions

Submission of name and photo to Movember@HOSTING.com indicates acceptance of the below terms and conditions.

  • All images submitted to the HOSTING Movember Contest can and will be used by HOSTING on various social media and online platforms to promote the 2014 HOSTING Movember Contest.
  • If full names are submitted, only first names (or pen-names/monikers) will be publicly listed on social media.
  • Photos must be appropriate for sharing on an all-ages platform. If photos are inappropriate and cannot be shared, the entry will be invalid.
  • The $500 donation will be made to the Movember Foundation or the winner’s charity of choice under the name of both the winner and HOSTING.

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