3 Reasons to Invest in Remote DBA Services

Fresh from the Memorial Day weekend, many IT executives are diving into mid-year performance reviews – and not just for their staff. They are also looking at how their databases performing. Business applications that were once reserved for larger enterprises are prevalent in small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). The application growth is fueling database growth at an unprecedented rate. As a result of this data explosion, IT execs are turning to remote database administration (DBA) services in order to supplement their existing resources. Following are three reasons why investing in remote DBA services helps organizations streamline costs while maximizing database performance, security and availability.

Remote DBAs eliminate server sprawl

The volume of information stored in a typical database increases three to five times every three years. In order to meet this “data tsunami,” companies keep adding more and more databases. However, it’s not uncommon for remote DBA teams to discover a running database at a client site that no one knew was even there. In other cases, business units invest in applications for their individual departments, not realizing that deep with the application lies another database. In addition to creating server sprawl, these “forgotten” databases are often not backed up, heightening the risk of having data assets lost or compromised.

HOSTING remote DBAs conduct a thorough database inventory and assessment, ensuring an optimized approach to database consolidation. They regularly back up databases and ensure each has the necessary security patches.

Remote DBAs ensure “always-on” availability

Ten years ago it was common practice for companies to shut down their databases once a day or once a week in order to implement a cold backup. In today’s always-on, global economy, the notion of shutting down an organization’s databases for eight hours or more to do a simple back up is ridiculous. But without proper, ongoing monitoring of a database environment, organizations can suffer from outages that impact their revenue, reputation and bottom line.

HOSTING remote DBAs monitor database environments 24 x 7 x 365, ensuring that business-critical databases are performing at optimal levels. They also identify, isolate and resolve database issues before they can negatively impact  business operations.

Remote DBAs provide low cost, on-demand expertise 

As we covered in our blog, The Changing Role of the DBA, experienced DBAs with specialized skills are in high-demand – and come with a high price tag. No longer can an organization recruit, train and hire a single DBA to manage all of their databases. Today, they often need several types of expertise including:

  • Production DBA
  • Development DBA
  • Operating System DBA
  • Data Warehousing DBA
  • Application DBA

Furthermore, the data explosion has created additional demand for database management DBAs with specialized skills in cloud computing, SQL Server and virtualization – skills which take years to acquire. The ultimate goal is to glean new insights and patterns from data in order to effectively drive business strategy. However, without the necessary DBA expertise, companies are in danger of losing their competitive advantage.

By engaging in remote DBA services from HOSTING, organizations can purchase a tiger team of assigned DBAs that have the right expertise for their specific needs – all at a predictable, fixed monthly cost. By hiring HOSTING remote DBAs, organizations eliminate the need to invest in recruiting, training, certification and overhead costs. And since they only pay for the time and expertise that they need, IT executives can allocate their budgets and head count more effectively.

Demand is through the roof for expert DBAs – and the market has never been more competitive. Leave the stress behind and get the skinny on outsourcing DBAs from the industry leaders at HOSTING and Ntirety, a division of HOSTING. Download our complimentary report, The Low Cost and High Return of Remote DBA Services, for more information. You can also contact HOSTING for a custom quote.

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