3 Secrets for a WOW Customer Experience

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While most of the HOSTING team was enjoying the weekend, our founder and COO, Joel Daly, made the trek to Erin Hills, WI, to conduct HOSTING WOW Training with the leadership and staff of Morgan Creek Ventures. Since launching HOSTING more than a decade ago, Joel and CEO Art Zeile have infused a WOW culture throughout every layer of the company. Every staff member is empowered to “wow” our customers by being forward-thinking, proactive and innovative in providing managed cloud solutions combined with extraordinary service. It’s why HOSTING has the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the industry, and has been voted among the “Best Places to Work” by Glassdoor. We asked Joel to share some of his “secrets” for creating a WOW customer experience. Here’s what he had to say.

Recognize that today’s economy is consumer-based

Credit Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com for leading the economic evolution by giving unprecedented power of choice to its customers. By offering a seemingly endless selection of merchandise, a “Look Inside” feature for books, and a variety of shipping options, Amazon puts the customer firmly in control of their shopping experience. Other companies have followed suit, realizing that gaining or losing customer loyalty is just a mouse click away.

Shared values are essential to providing a WOW customer experience

“You cannot have a team that is effective if they don’t share a core set of values,” Joel emphasizes. According to Joel, a key mistake that companies make is confusing personalities.

“Values relate to a belief system – they are the guiding principles of how your team acts and reacts,” Joel explains. “Companies need to make sure that they have at least a core set of values in place.” These values serve as a gauge by which they can successfully hire staff.

But what happens when one company decides to acquire another one? Drawing upon his deep experience founding startup companies and acquiring others, Joel offers this bit of advice.

“When you build a startup company, you can hire whomever you want,” says Joel. “However, from an acquisition standpoint, you need to evaluate the other company’s management team and ensure that their DNA matches that of your company.”

As standard practice, Joel interviews the top 50 customers of any company he and Art plan to acquire. By gathering NPS from these customers, he can determine whether or not the company is a “good fit” for HOSTING.

Hire the best people

“The hiring process is absolutely critical,” Joel notes. “In today’s booming economy, employees have extreme power to move from one company to the next.” Therefore, Joel takes the time to learn HOSTING employee’s career goals. Armed with those insights, Joel matches their future goals with relevant projects. For example, one HOSTER joined the company as a financial analyst. When Joel learned that he ultimately wanted to run his own business, he helped him develop a career path at HOSTING that exposed him to a variety of departments. Today, this employee is successfully overseeing a key sales initiative. We can’t wait to see what he tackles next!

Finally, Joel believes that companies should build succession and mobility into their hiring processes. Talented employees move on to other opportunities and adventures. It’s important for companies to have a “backfill” of talented employees who are ready and eager to step into different roles.

Interested in creating a WOW customer experience, but not sure where to start? Check out Joel’s on-demand webinar, How You Can Create a WOW Service Culture!


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  1. Very great tips for improving customer experience. Customers who are happy with the solutions you are giving them translate to loyalty that can bring in outstanding revenue. Hiring the best people will make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently and problems are addressed promptly.

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