4 Reasons Your IT Team Doesn’t Want to Manage Your Cloud Migration

cloud-migration-servicesCongratulations! Your company has evaluated all options and made the decision to migrate to the cloud. The all-staff email announcing the migration has gone out and everyone is excited to launch. And yet, your IT team members keep avoiding your gaze in the hallway. Why? Your hardest step – getting approval – may be behind you, but your IT team’s hardest step is still ahead of them. Here are a few reasons your IT staff isn’t jumping for joy just yet.

1. Some cloud service providers give you cloud-in-a-box, with zero implementation help. The prospect of migrating to and managing an internal cloud could make your IT team want to turn tail and run. While the initial price tag for such an approach can be appetizing, the likelihood is high that your business needs will quickly outgrow your budget. Tackling a cloud migration is hard enough. Your team probably doesn’t even want to think about tackling another one within the next year or two.

2. Not to be cliché, but the cloud is a whole different animal. We get it: your IT team is built of rock star performers. They excel at in-house data center management and maintenance. Their skills are unparalleled and you couldn’t be happier with them. But a move to the cloud means a whole new set of skills your team will have to refresh, learn anew or outsource altogether. When your availability and uptime is top-of-mind during your cloud migration, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your team will have gained all the necessary skills to make it happen seamlessly.

3. Your IT team likely has very little hands-on experience with cloud migration, if any. In-house IT teams are rarely thrown in the hot-seat for a comprehensive cloud migration. It’s a daunting task, particularly when experience levels are low. A managed cloud service provider, like HOSTING, has completed dozens, even hundreds, of successful cloud migrations. Our advanced solutions team is composed of seasoned cloud veterans whose daily job description includes the planning and management of migrations. While someone on your team might have been part of a cloud migration or two, our entire team probably migrated a mid-sized enterprise yesterday, error-free.

4. To be blunt, they don’t want the pressure. Your employees aren’t the only ones impacted by a cloud migration; your customers are also counting on you to provide a seamless migration experience. At the end of the day, you can’t blame your IT team for balking at that kind of pressure. After all, there’s really no need to burden them with those expectations. Let an experienced cloud migration services team like the one at HOSTING take on the burden (and the blame) and make you and your IT team look like the rock stars you are.

Ready to learn more about cloud migration services? Join my colleagues, Bill Santos, President of HOSTING Advanced Solutions, and Michael McCracken, Director of Professional Services, in a can’t-miss webinar, Cloud Migration Services: Simplifying Your Journey to the Cloud on Thursday, July 10 at 3 p.m. EDT. They’ll explore the basics of cloud migration and how HOSTING approaches the numerous successful migrations we’ve managed.


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