4 Reasons to Deploy Microsoft SQL Server 2014

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New applications, regulatory and compliance challenges, and an increasing reliance on mobile devices are driving data growth across all industries. For many companies, more data can lead to bigger challenges including operational agility, effective collaboration and rapid decision-making. As a Microsoft certified partner and Microsoft Cloud OS partner, HOSTING is helping our customers take full advantage of Microsoft SQL Server 2014, including its in-memory OTLP (online transaction processing) and AlwaysOn functionality. Microsoft SQL Server 2014’s robust capabilities, combined with the HOSTING team of Microsoft SQL Server Database experts, empower companies to gain key customer and business insights from up-to-the-minute data. Following are four reasons to consider migrating to Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

In-Memory OTLP

Agile companies know that rapid decision-making, supported by clear information and insights, can set them apart from their competition. With Microsoft SQL Server 2014 from HOSTING, “In-Memory” data processing happens in RAM, eliminating the need to search for and analyze data on hard disks. The In-Memory Column Store results in accelerated queries and reduced storage costs. Microsoft Power Pivot also enables rapid data visualization and graphical reporting. Database administrators and analysts can execute complex reports without having to wait for overnight “batch processing.” Business intelligence is available in real-time, using the most current data.

Enhanced Flexibility

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 from HOSTING supports hybrid IT environments with common tools and the ability to extend applications directly to HOSTING public and private cloud offerings, including those built on the Microsoft Azure Pack. High speed In-Memory processing, available for both hosting private and hybrid cloud environments, accelerates data-driven applications and reduces latency.

High Availability

Combined with HOSTING’s world-class infrastructure and support services, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 from HOSTING delivers AlwaysOn access 24 x 7 x 365. Database access and resiliency is assured with failover clustering, active/passive secondary instances and rapid recovery from scheduled or unscheduled downtime. HOSTING backs this solution with industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).

Expert Microsoft SQL Server Database Services

HOSTING Microsoft SQL Server Database experts offer a full suite of database migration and integration services including upgrades and improvements to hardware, applications, operating systems and database management systems. Our proprietary methodology allows for on-site or remote project management, resulting in substantial cost savings. Many organizations rely on HOSTING DBA services fulltime or as a supplemental resource to their in-house teams. This allows them to focus on more strategic initiatives without having to monitor and maintain their database environments.

Have questions about Microsoft SQL Server 2014? HOSTING stands ready to help. Contact us anytime to talk about your data management goals. Download our complimentary report, The Disruption Epidemic: How Poor Microsoft SQL Server Deployments Put Businesses at Risk . . . and What You Can Do About It, to get you on the right track.

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