The First 24 Hours – 6 Steps in a Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disasters strike with little predictability. But with the right solutions and disaster recovery plan in place,protection can get predictable. Achieving this capability necessitates adequate understanding of concepts, considerations and actionable strategies that enable business continuity and help prepare for fast, reliable and streamlined recovery.

Refer to the runbook for specific step-by-step processes of declaring a disaster. These processes may change based on the evolving threat landscape and organizational requirements, but will greatly depend on the following key steps:

1. Determine Degree of Disaster.

Identify the immediate impact, intensity, location and scope of disaster. This information will allow your organization to respond proactively to mitigate risks while reducing subsequent disaster threats.

2. Notify Senior Management.

Executive sponsorship is critical for effective execution of disaster recovery plan. The disaster risk mitigation and recovery process may necessitate several high-level decisions and support from senior management.

3. Notify Disaster Recovery Team.

Set up automated notification and alert systems so your disaster recovery teams can respond immediately.

4. Notify End-Users.

If you don’t inform your end-users and customers, they will eventually find out and respond with dissatisfaction and lack of trust. Providing information regarding the degree of impact and timeline for recovery will allow them to undertake preventive measures and pursue the necessary alternatives.

5. Implement Disaster Recovery Plan.

Follow the strategic plan devised to limit damages and bring systems alive with minimal impact to end-users.

6. Contact External Vendors.

Third-party solution providers offer several disaster recovery plan support services to keep data secure and available as soon as IT system operations recover

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