1. What is Stelligent Systems LLC?

Stelligent is a leading provider of automated DevOps within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. It is the only company of its kind that is wholly focused on providing continuous delivery solutions in AWS. Headquartered outside of Washington, D.C., Stelligent has a driving mission of ‘helping customers gain the ability to continuously deploy their software, when they want to and with confidence.’ Founded in 2007 by Paul Duvall and Rob Daly, the company has been providing customers with continuous integration / continuous delivery solutions on AWS since 2009.

2. Why is HOSTING acquiring Stelligent?

Recognizing the growing demand for the public cloud, HOSTING adapted our services to provide support at all levels of public cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. We call it the Unified Cloud. With the Stelligent acquisition, we can now provide the superior service and cutting-edge solutions we are known for throughout the application lifecycle in the AWS cloud. In layman’s terms: we now can harness the full power of the public cloud – and automate or fully manage many labor-intensive internal IT tasks – for our medium-sized and enterprise customers. One team and one mission throughout the AWS application lifecycle will dramatically reduce release cycles, cost of failure and security and compliance risks.

The acquisition combines two industry leaders with complementary service offerings, skills sets and culture. Stelligent was an obvious choice for us as it has been a visionary force in this market since its inception. Not only is it renowned for service delivery, the company has built a team of DevOps experts across the country that is simply impossible for any internal IT team to match (and has the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner badge to prove it).

3. What is the status of the acquisition?

The acquisition agreement was signed on March 13, 2017. It was announced publicly on March 21, 2017.

4. I’m a customer of HOSTING. How will this affect my organization?

Your company will continue to receive the same world-class service, security and availability it always has from HOSTING. In addition, should you have a need, you will now have the opportunity to leverage the true experts in automated DevOps in AWS for your application development, migration and optimization. This advanced model of solution delivery will increase your speed to market, modernize your IT infrastructure and enhance your user experience for applications deployed in AWS. This service would be in addition to any services currently delivered by HOSTING.

5. How will this affect me?

The acquisition does not have any immediate impact on the services currently delivered to your organization by HOSTING. But should you have a need for continuous delivery solutions in AWS, we can now help you architect your applications for advanced ROI and decreased cost of failure.

6. Was HOSTING already providing services for AWS?

Yes, the HOSTING Unified Cloud managed services have been available on AWS for quite some time, as well as on other common platforms such as Azure, on-prem, colocation or any combination therein. These services will continue to be available across AWS and other platforms. To learn more about our managed services for AWS, visit HOSTING Unified Cloud.

7. Many of my workloads are on Azure. Will HOSTING still help me with their performance and security?

Absolutely. We remain totally committed to helping our customers get the right workloads in the right cloud environments to maximize business benefit and ROI, be those clouds on AWS, Azure or HOSTING, in colocation, on-premise or any combination therein.

8. Will there be any significant changes at HOSTING as a result of this acquisition?

Yes! We are excited to add two Stelligent executives to our leadership team:

  • Paul Duvall, Stelligent co-founder, has been named HOSTING CTO. He will be the driving force behind our vision and deployment when it comes to services across all clouds.
  • Rob Daly, Stelligent co-founder, has been named executive vice president of Public Cloud Consulting at HOSTING. He will oversee customer relationships and benefits realization in the leading public clouds, namely AWS and Azure.

We are thrilled to have such luminaries of the industry head up these two integral divisions and look forward to many great things from both teams. It is also important to note that there will be no reduction in staff at HOSTING or Stelligent.

9. Who should I go to with questions?

If you are a current customer, please reach out to your account manager with any questions about the acquisition. If you are not a current customer, please e-mail info@hosting.com. If you are a member of the press, please e-mail pr@HOSTING.com.

10. Who should I talk to about this new suite of services?

Please talk to your account manager. She or he can put you in touch with the best resource inside of HOSTING or Stelligent to explain our joint services. They will also be described in short order on the HOSTING and Stelligent websites.