Accelerating Business Performance Through Managed Azure Services

  1. Elevate with Azure Cloud Services

The role of today’s CIO continues to evolve. No longer is the conversation centered on whether or not they have a “seat at the C-suite table.” CIOs now influence strategy across every line of business while driving a key performance metric – customer satisfaction. The latest HOSTING white paper, Elevate Customer Satisfaction and Transform Business with Azure Cloud Services, illustrates how technology leaders are turning to managed Azure services on top of massive cloud infrastructure to accelerate business performance by shaping positive customer engagements across digital touchpoints.

A recent study conducted by Forrester, Winning the Customer Experience Game, found that customer satisfaction correlates tightly to business performance, with customer service leaders consistently outperforming the S&P 500. Companies that get the customer experience right reap the benefits that come from market differentiation including customer loyalty, increased revenue and enhanced brand awareness. However, this requires sophisticated, intuitive tools and services to aggregate, analyze and act on customer data. This white paper discusses the critical role that cloud services such as managed Azure play in enhancing the customer experience, and details the following:

  • How competitor pressures are causing many infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers to reexamine their current strategies in order to meet new performance metrics
  • Five questions organizations need to ask before leveraging massive cloud infrastructures such those offered by Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google
  • Why businesses must “complete the cloud handshake” in order to realize true business value and ROI from the cloud
  • The business benefits organizations can reap from adopting unified cloud solutions such as those offering by HOSTING in collaboration with Microsoft

The white paper also provides illustrates how wireless engineering, construction and technology services firm B+T Group successfully leverages the HOSTING Unified Cloud™ with managed Azure to scale their database resources while processing more than three terabytes of data per month.

Download the complimentary white paper and learn why the HOSTING Unified Cloud™ with managed Azure services continues to gain acceptance while empowering organizations to enhance their customer engagements and accelerate business performance.

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