Avoid Cloud Sticker Shock with AWS Cloud Invoicing Services from HOSTING

When migrating to the cloud, organizations often neglect to fully plan out expenses based on actual needs. Hidden cloud costs can add up, making their cloud bill significantly higher than anticipated. This often results in “sticker shock” when they receive their first bill from their cloud service provider (CSP). With the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, billing can be complex and confusing, leading companies to ask, “What am I really getting for my cloud investment?” Read on to learn a few of the most common hidden cloud costs, and how AWS Invoicing Solutions from HOSTING can often provide significant cost savings.

Cloud Computing – 3 Common Hidden Cloud Costs

Hidden Cloud Cost #1 – Over-provisioning

This is a common hidden cloud cost among organizations that are migrating to the cloud for the first time. Applications administrators tend to overestimate the demand for their latest and greatest enterprise applications. Other IT teams might reason that they need additional servers to “grow into.” As a result, organizations end up paying for more resources than they are actually using. Yes, servers can be scaled back. However, depending on the CSP, this can be a time consuming process.

Hidden Cloud Cost #2 – Under-provisioning

Companies that are new to the cloud often “dip their toe” into cloud computing by starting with a minimal investment. This cautious approach often leaves them with an underperforming server that wasn’t designed to meet their needs in the first place. While it can sometimes be easier to identify and fix an underperforming server, getting the funding to do so can be difficult.

Hidden Cloud Cost #3 – Too many admins spinning up servers

Organizations that lack proper governance around cloud usage often find themselves with multiple admins spinning up servers for particular initiatives. Sometimes they spin up a server for a short-term initiative, then forget to decommission it after the project is done. If admins don’t communicate with each other or perform regular system audits, they can end up with multiple servers that sit idly – running up big bucks.

AWS Cloud Invoicing Services from HOSTING

AWS has an extensive set of cloud tools that can be mixed and matched to create a robust, customized cloud environment. However these tools don’t include support resources, leaving many customers challenged to implement and manage these environments on their own. In addition, AWS billing can be complex and unpredictable.

Straightforward AWS cloud billing – minus the surprises

As part of the HOSTING Unified Cloud™ for AWS, HOSTING helps organizations simplify financial planning and avoid hidden cloud costs with straightforward billing – minus the surprises. Our AWS invoicing services reflect the customer’s current usage for AWS services – without hidden costs. As a result, HOSTING has realized more than 15% annual cost-savings for customers by applying best practices on cost reduction, including the following:

  • Centralized billing
  • Asset management, including decommissioning assets when appropriate
  • Capacity and financial management
  • Purchasing and change management processes

Proactive AWS cloud spend monitoring

HOSTING Invoicing Services for AWS includes semi-annual assessments of customers’ AWS spend trending by our expert cloud architects. They analyze a customer’s cloud spend, and map it back to their overall business strategies and objectives. They then develop recommendations to better align AWS infrastructure with the customer’s business goals, avoid hidden cloud costs and realize cost savings.

HOSTING cloud experts also notify customers whenever their costs start to trend above their budgetary numbers – and provide clear cut solutions to bring it back to acceptable levels.

Avoid hidden cloud charges and sticker shock on your next cloud bill. Take advantage of the proactive AWS cloud spend monitoring and invoicing services from HOSTING. Need expert tips on how to effectively monitor your AWS cloud environment? Check our on-demand webinar, Monitoring Your AWS Environment? It Gets Better.

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