Best Practices for Know-Why & Know-How Integration

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In our last blog, “Know-Why & Know-How: What You Need to Know” we spoke to the importance of understanding how the “know-why” and “know-how” avenues of thought impact your strategic business goals, its day-to-day operations and overall business success based on analytical feedback.

In this follow up piece, we are going to speak to the best practices for implementing “know-why” and “know-how” business wide strategic thinking to accomplish your company goals.

1. Utilizing the Right People with the Right Skill Set is Paramount to Success

Regardless if the person in question is tasked with higher level strategic planning or daily know how of resolving pressing issues, for “know-why” and “know-how” integration to successfully take place the correct people within your organization need to be leveraged to attack a problem that calls for a defined set of skills.

This leads to three questions:

  • Is it smarter to leverage the best skills of your team members even though they might not have the particular skill set needed to attack an issue?
  • Is it smarter, instead of leveraging internal team members missing the needed skill, to look outside the company either choosing to hire or outsource to fill need?
  • Is it smart to invest internally, hire and train from within, so members of the team, vertically through the ranks, understand their position, the positions around them and have the skills needed to handle both follow through of strategic goals and daily tasks?

In the best scenario, the third option is the wisest choice yet it isn’t, as we know, always the route taken. The truth is while you shouldn’t rely on an employee to set up your network firewall because once upon a time that employee worked as a NOC technician and yet, we all know that happens all too often.

Point in case, for the long term benefit of company goals, internal investment of position and skills are needed.

2. Scaling to Meet Demand

While this is a question of staffing, as addressed above, this is also a question of momentary need. As mentioned, investing internally in your employees and their overall operational knowledge will help to bridge “know-why” and “know-how” thinking/action yet what happens when that investment faces the quick need to scale resources?

In the case of scaling to meet a deadline project, outsourcing to meet demand means utilizing internal staffing to vet correct vendors/clients to meet goals. As these decisions need to be made in a quick succession, the best way to accomplish outsourcing in the face of demand is again, falling back on investing in the right people with the right skills. Like most business decisions, it comes down to trusting your team members, C-level to IT generalists to make the right choices so any and all projects aren’t delayed.

Equating this to IT, most purchasable resources now come in the form of cloud based solutions. The same logic applies.

3. Keep a Record

This one is short. No matter the decision, keep a record. Your organization should have a policy in place to make sure all decisions, “know-why” and “know-how”, are properly documented. This is done so everyone on the team knows why a choice was made, who made it and the consequences/advances made by that choice.

Keeping a record keeps your business plan honest. Make sure to document everything.

4. Talk, Communicate, Share

Lastly, the single best bit of advice we can offer you when investing in a “know-how” and “know-why” business policy is communication up and down the line. Whatever your business plans are, for them to gain any traction internally and externally, everyone from your VP of IT, to the networking department head, to the NOC engineer and the IT generalist need to speak with one another.

The best laid plans of mice and men will never come to fruition without clear vertical communication of overall strategic policy and day-to-day operations.

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