B+T Group Uses the HOSTING Unified Cloud™ for Cell Tower Insights [Case Study]

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Providing customers with accurate, detailed cell tower and compound information is a hallmark of B+T Group – a full-service wireless engineering, construction and technical services firm. Based in Tulsa, OK, the firm recently launched its proprietary technology solution, Site360™. Using Site360, B+T group can take photos using camera-equipped drones or standard cameras, upload these images to a proprietary software program, and deliver high-resolution, centimeter-accurate imagery, site maps, and 3D models. All of these information assets generate several terabytes of data. Which is why B+T Group relies on the HOSTING Unified Cloud™, saving their clients time and money.

B+T Group had wanted to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that a cloud-based solution could offer. Yet, neither Amazon Web Services (AWS) nor Azure Public Cloud could provide them with the data processing power they required. HOSTING Unified Cloud™ for AWS allows B+T Group to scale their data processing servers as needed to process more than three terabytes of data per month

Read our customer success story to learn how the HOSTING Unified Cloud™ helps B+T Group deliver vastly more detailed and accurate tower and compound information to the customer more efficiently, more economically and more safely than ever before.


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