Case Studies

  • A Global Nonprofit

    A Global Nonprofit

    This customer, a global nonprofit ranked in the top 100 U.S. Charities for 2016 by Forbes, focuses on helping children through sponsorship. As a leader in holistic child development, they match volunteers with children in need to liberate them from poverty. The organization needed a simplified monitoring strategy and solution to meet their business goals. […]

  • Webiplex

    Sophisticated, Affordable Solutions Give a Document Management Start Up the Capacity to Succeed BACKGROUND Webiplex is a cloud-based document management provider focused on delivering the next generation of automated business process management and document management platform services. Its market-leading DocuPeak server technology allows customers to realize rapid return on investment for every user, including increased […]

  • Juniper Solutions

    Businesses clearly see the promise of cloud services, which include increased business agility with on-demand applications and services, along with lower IT costs and overhead. One of the most important decisions in moving to the cloud is the choice of a cloud provider, because success of the business is predicated on responsive, reliable, and secure […]


    The experience of an online gaming company is a perfect example of how cloud computing can provide cost-effective, highly available and scalable hosting solutions. In late 2008, chose HOSTING and Cloud Enterprise for their managed hosting needs. In September of 2008, was acquired by is the web’s premier destination for free-to-play, […]

  • ClearSaleing

    ClearSaleing’s unique challenges included the need to accommodate seasonal demand spikes, to scale infrastructure up and down throughout the year and to have a technology platform that provided seamless migration as they experienced 18 consecutive quarters of double-digit, quarter-over-quarter revenue growth. Readers who are researching cloud solution providers (CSPs),  have questions about migrating to the […]

  • Natural Insight

    Natural Insight is a hosted/SaaS task management solution for merchandisers and retailers. As their business grew, so did their need for a fault-tolerant server load balancing solution that was both flexible and scalable. HOSTING and Natural Insight worked together to develop the right dedicated solution at the right price point for optimal growth.

  • Ortiz Gaming

    Ortiz Gaming of Brazil, the largest maker of bingo software in the world, is developing a new technology platform for their arcade machines that will enable instant communication and software control from the globally distributed machines to their CPUs at HOSTING. Critical to their success: an infrastructure that can swap terabytes of data while remaining secure and robust

  • ScratchAudio

    ScratchAudio’s business model requires more than lightning fast CPU speeds and uptime —it needs huge amounts of disk space to store user-contributed music files and bandwidth for file transfers. But most infrastructure pricing is by the gigabyte and costs can quickly get out of hand. Read how HOSTING, Microsoft BizSpark and ScratchAudio came up with a plan to incubate this music collaboration start-up during its boot-strapping phase.

  • Zenoss

    Zenoss realized cost savings and performance gains as a result of migrating from a lights-out, unescorted colocation facility to one of HOSTING’s state-of-the-art monitored colocation data centers. HOSTING provides Zenoss with secure facilities, expert engineers, and the ability to connect to Cloud Enterprise for future growth.