A Closer Look at the Overlooked Data Security Threat Landscape

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Enterprises feel vulnerable – 91 percent of them, according to the 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report. And they have good reasons to be concerned – 61 percent of enterprises have already experienced a data breach. Although many organizations lack the threat intelligence, expertise and security solutions to prevent and defend against cyber-attacks, data security begins with accurate understanding of the real security challenges and malpractices that lead to successful intrusions.

IT security is a critical element of regulatory compliance. Although investing in security to achieve compliance standards mitigates risks, establishing a compliant enterprise IT infrastructure does not automatically guarantee 100 percent security. Compliance is ranked among the top three areas of IT security investment, yet being compliant does not mean that you won’t be breached.

To make matters worse, organizations put their faith in the wrong security defense capabilities. While organizations have increased security investments to curtail network vulnerabilities and maximize endpoint device security, investment rates to secure data-at-rest have reduced. These organizations have essentially increased parameter security of their IT fortresses while overlooking security requirements of the treasure stored within the well-defended walls.

In this context, these organizations not only face rising security challenges from the external threat vectors, but also from internal malicious actors. Some of the most dangerous threats are tracked back to privilege user accounts, executive management, contract accounts and service provider accounts. The most apparent threat however, is faced from the outside. Hacktivist continue to find new reasons to compromise valuable data used by your organization, nation-states target businesses as means to destabilize the country’s economy, cybercriminals have their own malicious intent and competitors are known to have attacked other organizations maximize their market share.

Business organizations voice data security as a top concern against cloud adoption. But just because your sensitive business information is stored within confined IT infrastructure on-site doesn’t mean it’s more secure than cloud networks equipped with multiple layers of sophisticated security defenses. Cloud service providers with adequate security resources at their disposal not only provide superior data security capabilities but also ensure holistic compliance, security, availability and performance so that your organization can focus on using IT as an enabler of business value and prevent you from draining your resources merely to keep your data centers alive and secure.

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