Your Cloud Computing Summer Reading List – Condensed

With summer coming to a close, it’s time to wrap up your vacation, put away your beach reads and tackle your summer reading list. Because while you were digging into the latest Danielle Steele novel or Tom Clancy thriller, your boss was reading stories about rival companies moving to the cloud. Soon he’ll be asking you to identify which of your organization’s IT operations are candidates for cloud hosting and how confident you are in the security of the cloud. No time to cram? Relax, HOSTING has you covered. Below are three must-read blog posts to bring you up to speed on best practices for cloud computing.

1)     Pop Quiz! Is Your Organization Ready for the Cloud?

Remember the first day of school, when your teachers gave you a pop quiz to see what you learned over the summer? Yeah, those bummed us out too. In this blog post, we list the top three questions to ask when considering moving to the cloud. No matter what your cloud knowledge may be, a top cloud solution provider (CSP) can help you migrate to the cloud with confidence and realize some big benefits including cost savings, security and protection and better resource allocation.

Bonus study guide

Check out our on-demand webinar, Cloud 101: The Basics of Cloud Computing. Bill Santos, president of HOSTING Advanced Solutions, provides a detailed overview of cloud computing including:

  • The elements that comprise a cloud
  • The business value of cloud computing
  • A step-by-step guide to migrating to the cloud
  • How a cloud-based infrastructure can impact your company’s bottom-line

2)     Three Cloud Questions to Ask in Your RFP

While you’ve been lounging poolside, your boss has been reviewing the cloud information you gave him based on the strategy sessions, budget meetings and proofs of concept you completed before summer even began. Now he wants you to write a request for proposal (RFP) and send it to select cloud computing experts. Not sure where to start? This blog lists the top three questions you should include in your RFP that will help you determine if a prospective cloud solution provider’s (CSP’s) cloud knowledge, work style and support processes meet your (and your boss’s) expectations.

Bonus study guide

Download our white paper, 20 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Cloud Service Provider to learn which questions you should ask to find a cloud service provider that fits your current and future requirements.

3)     Raise Your Security IQ with HOSTING and Alert Logic’s Cloud Security 2014 Webinar

While you were working on your golf game, your fellow IT professionals were racing to secure their organizations’ cloud computing environments. Read this blog post to understand potential security issues that can impact your organization’s cloud and on premise environments.

Bonus study guides

The cloud can be complicated. We can help. Engage with HOSTING cloud experts and stay ahead of the learning curve.


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