Why Your Cloud Solution Provider’s Company Culture Matters to Your Business

In our recent blog post, How Stable is Your Cloud Provider?, we listed three scenarios impacting cloud service providers’ (CSPs’) performance, future viability – and to some extent, their company cultures. But why should you be concerned about your CSP’s culture? It’s simple. Selecting a CSP whose company culture aligns with yours can influence your organization’s success. Read on to learn the top four reasons why understanding your CSP’s culture should be at the top of your criteria when evaluating managed cloud hosting partners.

1)      No one likes turnover

A CSP’s culture can have a major impact on whether or not you work with the same team on a consistent basis. If your CSP doesn’t promote a culture based on customer service, employee development and open, honest communication, chances are they experience a significant amount of employee turnover. This can lead to your meeting with a new team at the beginning of every engagement – one that “needs to be brought up to speed” before they can deliver the solutions you needed yesterday.

A customer-focused CSP will establish and maintain a positive company culture that helps attract and retain top cloud talent. They staff their projects from start to finish with the same experienced team who is well-versed in their clients’ need and business models. This enables clients to see results delivered faster.

2)      Quality matters

Intelligent, motivated teams working within a positive company culture provide high quality deliverables. The environment in which a team works has a huge impact on their ability to collaborate, create and produce. When evaluating CSPs, it pays to ask key questions about their internal culture including:

  • How do you encourage creativity and “out-of-the-box thinking” within your organization?
  • How are team members empowered to serve customers?
  • Describe how team members resolve conflicts.

If a CSP can’t answer these questions, it’s likely that their team isn’t producing the best deliverables for your project.

3)      So do partnerships

In one of our latest blogs, Cloud Computing Investments and the “New IT”, we talked about the changing face of organizations’ IT departments. While IT still manages the traditional, day-to-day technology operations, business leaders want them to gain additional skills in key areas such as cloud computing and systems integration so that they can serve as trusted business advisors toemployees, customers, partners and C-level executives. In order to balance the demands of supporting legacy systems with the need to solve their organization’s business problems, they must forge new partnerships with outside consultants who not only provide the desired expertise, but also have a genuine interest in helping them succeed.

Culture plays a key role in fostering these partnerships. If a CSP can’t build strong relationships within their own organization, it’s unlikely that they can build authentic, productive relationships with their customers. So it pays to engage with a CSP who fosters teamwork, a proactive work ethic and strong communication skills within their own organizations. Those qualities can carry over to their client relationships, helping to ensure that your CSP will assist your organization in meeting today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s challenges.

One more thing . . .

4)      Your company culture doesn’t have to be the same as your CSP’s

Sometimes it makes sense for an organization to collaborate with a cloud provider whose company culture aligns with theirs. For example, companies in healthcare IT or financial services are typically recognized as being risk adverse, so it may make sense to collaborate with a cloud provider who shares that philosophy. On the other hand, that same type of company may benefit from working with a cloud provider who is fearless and challenges them to consider different approaches to creating and managing their cloud environments.

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