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Mountain Top

Over the past year, HOSTING has worked hard to define its vision with ever increasing precision.   We have captured the essence of what we do – and who we do it for – this way:

HOSTING builds and operates high-performance clouds for business-critical applications.

We have over 200 cloud-certified engineers, so our IaaS solution is much more than a technology stack – it’s also the depth of talent it takes to deliver a world-class customer experience.  And this is not just the response you receive to a trouble ticket, it’s every aspect of your interaction with HOSTING, from the time you look at our website (like today) through the myriad of steps that take you to our support organization.  We are unique in the industry in that our team’s bonus is based on only one thing—customer experience and loyalty as voted upon by our customers through our Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.

Our brand has changed recently – see the new logo – but more importantly these changes get at the heart of our culture.  We view ourselves as your technology guide and are committed to taking you on a journey that enables you to take full advantage of the cloud.  Our customers know that the cloud can be transformational, but some may need help getting there. It’s our job to see that you get there, with the utmost business value and effectiveness, as you grow your businesses.

I’m very proud of our team and the depth of cloud expertise we represent.  HOSTING folks have perspective built on delivering cloud services to thousands of business-critical applications. So, I have asked them to share their thoughts on this page.  We welcome any feedback, comments or input. We want it to be of value to you, so let us know if we’re hitting the mark, or if we’re not, and how we can improve!


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