Cost Saving Strategies for SQL Server Deployments That You Didn’t Know About

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SQL server implementation empowers organizations to transform organizational IT from a cost-center into a profit center. Affordable licensing and implementation fees present SQL deployments as a high-value investment. Yet, organizations struggle to achieve the promised productivity and profitability advantages from their SQL server deployments. Without a robust process to manage and deploy SQL solutions, organizations end up spending more than they have to. Unnecessary expenses add up and the solutions fail to deliver desired return on investments.

As part of a strategic cost saving approach for SQL deployment, maintenance and operations, these organizations need to understand requirements for SQL server availability and disaster recovery. This assessment encompasses three areas of concern: SQL server software features for availability and disaster recovery, replication of disaster recovery and clusters for high availability. Investments in IT resources to overcome technical flaws of traditional SQL deployment methodologies is also crucial to improve the performance and productivity of SQL server technologies.

For instance, organizations need to manage replication and recovery at the host operating system level. Synchronize local storage in primary and standby servers using host-based, block level replication.

An assessment of true operational costs versus organizational IT requirements empowers decision makers to align their IT investments with organizational goals. Organizations are either spending too much or simply fail to maximize the potential of SQL server features at their disposal. For example, an SQL Server software can be configured such that if one server fails, another server can automatically and immediately come to rescue and continue unfinished processing operations. However, IT will have to configure the solution to enable this feature benefit based on organizational requirements.

But this is not about clever SQL deployment hacks to save a few dollars annually. Strategic cost saving measures applied to SQL Server deployment and operations can help your organization save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Joey D’Antoni, a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Michael McCracken, HOSTING Director of Professional Services and Dave Bermingham, Microsoft Cloud and Data Center MVP examined the TCO of high availability and disaster recovery protection for SQL Server deployments with surprising results. In the recent HOSTING webinar titled “3 Cost-Saving Strategies for SQL Deployments that You Didn’t Know About”, these industry influencers discuss three key unheard-of strategies guaranteed to deliver unprecedented cost savings and high returns on SQL investments.

Watch the full webinar here for an in-depth and insightful strategies on saving on SQL deployment costs.

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