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In my 1st post I explained why quality is a commodity, and then I wrote about the democratization of information. Today, let’s get into the empowered customer. As part of this grand finale, I’ll provide insights in to what HOSTING is doing to create the best customer experience.

cexForrester calls this period of time the “Age of the Customer”, stating that we are entering a new 20-year business cycle. To succeed, companies will need to refocus and serve an increasingly powerful customer. “Why?” you might ask. It’s about customer engagement and how obsessed they are with your company: Metrics point to the fact that a customer’s level of obsession is critical to driving the success of your business. So you must establish programs and KPIs that effectively drive and measure this.

This concept is nothing new to HOSTING. Our mission:

To provide the best customer experience for mid-size enterprises that are running mission-critical applications in the cloud, supported by the industry’s best team.”

You’ll notice our mission starts with customer experience. That is why HOSTING exists.

  • We bonus our entire team from one important metric – a Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • We conduct an annual customer corridor survey of our top 300 customers. Results from this survey are used to set the strategic direction and initiatives at HOSTING.
  • We put every single employee through our own customer service training program called WOW, regardless of their role at HOSTING.
  • We hold an executive customer summit every year and invite 15 customers to share feedback with our executive team, based on their experiences with HOSTING.
  • We use journey mapping methodology to improve products and processes, as well as develop new ones, by understanding the steps our customers go through when engaging with HOSTING.
  • We match every product developer with an external market team that can provide feedback through every step of the product development cycle.

Can you sense that we are serious about creating the best customer experience at HOSTING? Our mission provides clear direction, but we want to develop a culture that puts its money where it’s mouth is when it comes to creating the best customer experience — it is something we are proud of.

As a special treat, please stay tuned for a special guest, Adam Miller, CX and Journey Mapping Expert from Oracle, who will guest blog with HOSTING on this topic in the first week of December.


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