Cyber Security and Cloud Services Top State CIOs List of Priorities for 2015

Election season is officially over, freeing up CIOs of all 50 states to turn their attention to 2015 planning. A recent article by entitled, State CIOs List Security as Top Priority for 2015, recapped key takeaways from a survey conducted by the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO). NASCIO asked its members for insights regarding their IT priorities for 2015, as well as where they plan to spend their budgets. Cyber security and cloud services were at the top of their lists for the third straight year.

Cyber security is CIOs number one priority

Recent victims of cyberattacks including Target, Home Depot, Neiman-Marcus and JP Morgan Chase are now joined by an unlikely bedfellow – the United States Postal Service (USPS). The government agency recently reported a cyberattack in which hackers likely had access to confidential data on all 800,000 USPS employees including names, Social Security numbers, addresses and job application information. State CIOs have taken notice and are focusing their time and attention on areas such as risk assessment, governance and resources to shore up digital government systems. CIOs are striving to protect against insider threats and sharpen their monitoring of third parties who are handling more and more business-critical processes.

Cybersecurity is something NASCIO is addressing on an association level as well. Last week it announced that it had received a $100,000 grant from the Department of Justice to develop and promote repeatable practices for responding to cyber incidents and deploying cyber analytics across state governments.

Adopting cloud services remains a key initiative

Cloud services is second on state CIOs list of 2015 priorities. Key areas of focus include identifying strategy, selecting providers and establishing governance models. As with most CIOs, the survey respondents cited security as a top consideration when moving services and applications to the cloud.

Optimizing and consolidating resources and services rounds out CIOs’ lists

Budget constraints, while slightly improving, are still a reality for many government agencies. As a result, CIOs are eyeing ways to optimize and consolidate resources including physical infrastructure such as data centers. Doing so will allow them to reduce their IT footprint and migrate to a streamlined, multi-tenant cloud environment.

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