Define Your IT Objectives in a New Way

define your IT objectives in a new way

The previous blog entitled Business Alignment Criteria presents six considerations you should collaborate on with your business colleagues before you begin the process of defining your IT objectives. Once the business alignment criteria portion is complete, you are ready to define your IT-specific objectives. Follow the steps and tips below below for guidance.

1. Understand the business objectives. Make sure you know both the short- and long-term objectives of your organization and which of those will require IT enablement.

2. Right-size your strategy. Get buy-in from the business and guidance on your objectives. Be realistic about what you can accomplish.

3. Establish a commitment to execution. Build a roadmap that outlines short term and long term goals. Your roadmap should include plans for consolidation of tools, collaboration and building other efficiencies.

4. Build a culture that supports the IT objectives. Your team and the rest of the organization must understand the reason and the business value your objectives deliver. Building a culture that encourages communication and transparency is essential to success.

Now you can create key performance indicators that map back to your new aligned IT objectives. Having these KPIs on paper as a grading tool will take subjectivity out of discussions (e.g., the website seems slower today). It’s vital that these new KPIs are worded in such a way that is service focused and beneficial to the business and end users. For example:

For more information on business IT alignment, download Aligning IT with Business Objectives – An eBook from HOSTING.

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