Some Denver companies raise beers, lift spirits during work hours

You’ve not likely been to some of Denver’s most unusual watering holes — the Hosting Bar, Spire Rooftop and Mo Lounge included. Not only are they closed to the public, they require a secret password — er, ID badge — of sorts.

Joel Daly was glad-handing his way through a recent happy hour at the Hosting Bar in the old Gates Rubber complex on South Broadway, cocktail in hand. Daly conversed about his colleagues’ weekend plans, projects he was working on and his family. A colleague introduced him to a visitor as the chief operating officer of HOSTING, the cloud and website company.

“Yeah, but I prefer calling myself the CDO,” Daly quipped with a wink and a shake of the ice in his glass, “the chief drinking officer.”

His colleagues laughed and got back to the task at hand: Happy hour, in the office, at 4:30 p.m. Friday, with company-supplied hooch. This is how Hosting headquarters looks most Friday afternoons.

Daly and other Denver-area executives say in-office happy hours help create a sense of community, allow them to recruit top employees and reward workers with adult beverages.

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