Feel Secure in 2014 – Your Data Security, That Is

The holidays and New Year are right around the corner! Before enjoying much needed time with loved ones, many of you are wrapping up projects and finalizing plans for next year. As you think about your IT infrastructure in 2014, ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Have you considered your data security?
  • Do you have concerns with vulnerabilities and holes in your IT infrastructure?
  • Is the security side of your “house” speaking with the availability side?

HOSTING can help you find a clear path for data security. Take a look at a white paper and webinar we’ve created – in partnership with Alert Logic – on this very topic. Both resources make the case that the ultimate purpose for both security and availability is uptime. They also provide suggestions for maximizing uptime in internal infrastructures and when using cloud computing services.

If only avoiding Aunt Mart’s fruitcake were as easy… Happy Holidays!


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