FileCatalyst Accelerates Transfers to’s Cloud

FileCatalyst has been implemented for fast file transfer across the range of’s hosted environments, including cloud, dedicated, and hybrid solutions.

Las Vegas, NV, April 29, 2010 – From InterOp, Las Vegas, Unlimi-Tech Software is pleased to announce the integration of FileCatalyst file transfer technology within’s Cloud and Dedicated Hosting solutions. FileCatalyst is available as a pre-installed software option across the range of’s hosted environments.

Organizations move to cloud-hosted solutions for reasons like scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. But during initial data migration, transfers seem to crawl along more slowly than expected. If file transfer is a recurring task, slow speeds become a growing concern. The problem is not the infrastructure, which is every bit as fast as advertised; the problem is outdated file transfer technology.’s customer-centric approach led them to develop a portal that allows customers to select and deploy additional services and applications right from the beginning. When the time came to select a fast file transfer solution for inclusion in the customer portal, FileCatalyst was the clear choice. After choosing the FileCatalyst option, customers have accelerated file transfer during the migration phase and beyond.