Four Reasons Why Cloud Computing is Like NFL Training Camp

Across the country, thousands of fervent fans called in sick from work to observe one of our country’s greatest traditions – the start of NFL training camp. More than 9,000 Denver Broncos fans seized the opportunity to watch their beloved team practice in driving rain. Here at HOSTING, we love to talk about two things: football and cloud computing. So naturally, we compared the two. Following are four reasons why we think cloud computing is just like training camp.  Cloud computing and NFL training camp

1)   No one is guaranteed a spot on the roster

In professional football, it doesn’t matter if you were part of last year’s Super Bowl team. It’s a new season and every player – whether a seasoned veteran or a promising rookie – has to prove himself all over again. Unless you’re Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, every roster spot is up for grabs.

The same premise holds true for managed cloud hosting. Last month Gartner Inc. released its much-watched 2014 Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting. The process for inclusion in this report is similar to training camp. Every cloud provider who wants a spot on Gartner’s “roster” must undergo a rigorous evaluation process with an emphasis on “ability to execute.” Some “veteran” cloud providers such as Rackspace saw themselves slip a few notches on the Gartner Magic Quadrant from a year ago. Fortunately for HOSTING, we continue to be recognized for such offerings as the HOSTING Customer Portal™ – something we never take for granted.

This brings us to our next point.

2)  Certain players arrive at training camp in better shape than ever

Since HOSTING is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we’re going to use Denver Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning as an example. After 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton was faced with both undergoing neck surgery – and looking for a new home to hang his helmet. John Elway offered him a warm welcome, and Peyton returned the favor by taking the team to the Super Bowl.

Now approaching 39, Peyton works harder today than he did as a rookie. A recognized leader on and off the field, he is known for being exceptionally prepared for any game day situation. And he is quick to credit his teammates.

As a recognized leader in cloud computing, HOSTING continuously anticipates and prepares for what’s next in our industry. For example, foreseeing the convergence of cloud computing and big data, HOSTING leveraged its top-tier database consulting talent to launch HOSTING Advanced Solutions. Our Advanced Solutions team has scored a number of touchdowns, including its database consulting services and virtualized desktop infrastructure.

3)  Certain players arrive at training camp in worse shape than ever

Every football fan has seen this happen. A player who was in peak physical condition last year shows up to training camp having packed on a few extra pounds in the offseason. And it shows in their speed (adding a few seconds to their 40- meter time,) and agility (missing a key sack here and there.) Before you know it, that player is kicked off the roster.

The same holds true in cloud computing. Cloud providers have to remain lean and maintain their quick reflexes in order to respond to market conditions and competitive pressures. Those who lose their speed and quickness will be put on waivers. For example, over the past year, Rackspace has packed on a few companies through a series of acquisitions. Since they haven’t successfully integrated these companies, they’ve lost some of their speed and ability to quickly respond to competitive pressures from Amazon, Google and so forth.

4)  Some teams need to earn back their fans’ confidence

The Broncos’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks in last year’s Super Bowl was tough to take. And while most of us are diehard fans, there are some who disavowed their allegiance to the team. We’ll be polite and simply refer to them as “fair weather fans.” However, the Broncos are striving to regaining their confidence this season.

For a cloud solutions provider (CSP), one data breach or DDoS (distributed denial of service,) can lead to lost revenue, damaged brand reputation and eroded customer trust. That is why HOSTING provides state-of-the-art availability and recovery measures to ensure our customers’ business-critical assets remain secure and always-available.

HOSTING’s team of cloud experts are suited up and ready to address your cloud computing needs. Check out the HOSTING cloud-enabled managed hosting suite to learn what we’ve been up to during the “offseason.”

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