Four Ways to Integrate HOSTING Advanced Solutions into Your Team

In our recent blog post, Cloud Computing Investments and the “New IT,” we discussed how IT leaders are juggling dual roles – managing and maintaining legacy systems while researching and crafting innovative technology solutions to solve their organization’s specific business problems. According to a recent study commissioned by Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, 41% of respondents said that there is too much work to do on an emergency basis, leaving little time for innovation. HOSTING Advanced Solutions was launched to rebalance IT teams’ workloads, freeing up their time and talent to take on revenue generating activities. Following are four examples of how organizations can leverage HOSTING Advanced Solutions for greater cost and operational efficiencies.

Managed exchange

Global organizations leverage email to bridge time zones, erase geographical boundaries and get deals done. But while email is critical, it doesn’t offer any competitive advantage. The HOSTING Managed Exchange™ solution provides organizations with a dedicated exchange environment that is fully managed by HOSTING Advanced Solutions and provides the highest levels of efficiency, mobility and compliance.  Always up and never a distraction.

Cloud Desktops/VDI

Companies ranging from online educational institutions to global healthcare organizations are turning to cloud desktop solutions as a means of maintaining secure environments, lowering their IT investments, and meeting increasingly complex compliance regulations. HOSTING Advanced Solutions collaborates with IT organizations to migrate its operations to a secure, reliable, high-performance cloud desktop architecture that can meet customer-specific requirements for compliance as well as BYOD initiatives.

Managed database services

There are seven different types of database administrators (DBAs) with widely divergent skills and responsibilities. A typical organization has only 1-2 specialized DBAs on staff (at best!). In some cases, organizations rely on their systems administrators or developers to assume the role of in-house DBA – often with little training. HOSTING Advanced Solutions can pinpoint and provide the exact DBA skill set an organization needs to address their business-critical needs including database production, monitoring and performance tuning.  Just the right skill at just the right time.

Application performance

Even the best IT teams run into issues that can take days or weeks to solve. HOSTING Advanced Solutions can provide a “tiger team” with a fresh perspective on how to address the most complex IT challenges.

These are only a few examples; HOSTING Advanced Solutions serves as a strategic partner to global organizations, helping them build a solid foundation for growth and agility. From early assessment and planning through cloud migration, ongoing optimization and Oracle, SQL and MySQL database services, HOSTING Advanced Solutions helps IT leaders address their organization’s unique business needs and support long-term growth.

Ready to learn more?  Contact your HOSTING representative today and we’ll waive the setup fees for any Advanced Solutions contracted by the end of this month!

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