Geminare Delivers Recovery as a Service to the Enterprise

Geminare delivers industrial-strength cloud solutions for business continuity with support for Linux, Unix and hybrid cloud environments.

Toronto, ON, September 14, 2010 – Geminare Incorporated today announced enterprise editions of its market-leading Recovery as a Service (RaaS) portfolio. With Cloud Recovery 2.0 Enterprise and Cloud Storage Assurance (CSA) 2.0 Enterprise, Geminare has created the first enterprise-class solutions for business continuity that are coupled with automatic file and email archiving, extremely fast search functions and built-in audit capabilities — all of which can be deployed in days instead of months and without any capital investment.

Geminare’s RaaS portfolio is based on technology that ensures the secure, continuous availability of mission-critical data and services by creating a failover server and replicating a customer’s server environment in real-time to a cloud vendor of choice. The replicated environment engages seamlessly during system interruption or failure and includes the ability to archive data files including emails to any cloud provider. With its new Enterprise editions, Geminare has added support for popular enterprise operating systems such as Linux, Unix and AIX, as well as features such as on-the-fly encryption, support for more than 250 servers per site, and integration with additional cloud providers as well as private clouds.

“Companies of all sizes are clamoring for cost-effective, almost ‘plug and play’ solutions for data storage and disaster recovery. Since launching our Server Replication solutions almost six months ago, based on the Geminare technology, it has become (one of) our most popular offerings with SMEs,” said Craig McLellan,’s chief technology officer. “Now with the new enterprise-enabled RaaS technology, we can offer the right solution to the other 60 percent of our customers—larger enterprises that are fed up with the high cost and cumbersome approach of assuring an ‘always-on’ business.”

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