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    HOSTING Healthcare ArchiveTM – Efficient, Scalable, Secure

    Internal healthcare IT is under stress. The increased use of both higher resolution modalities and digital imaging has flooded existing systems with data. At the same time, the demands for security and compliance – and the rate of protected health information (PHI) breaches – are at an all-time high. Healthcare providers are in great need of cloud computing experts who speak the language, understand the requirements and can fulfill the needs of healthcare data and regulatory compliance.

    Healthcare organizations need tools to:

    • Eliminate physical transportation of images by patients
    • Streamline physical processes and workflow
    • Reduce any covered entity’s (CE) regulatory risk profile
    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Increase security

    This is healthcare today. This is the HOSTING Healthcare ArchiveTM.

    The HOSTING Healthcare Archive provides healthcare organizations the ability securely store, manage and share images, reports, records and other content in the cloud.

    The HOSTING Healthcare Archive is a reliable, flexible and secure central repository for both DICOM and non-DICOM clinical information. It provides digital access to authorized end-users via electronic health record (EHR) systems, diagnostic workstations or clinical desktops.

    HOSTING Healthcare Archive Use Cases:

    1. Business continuity including:

    • Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) database backup
    • Image archiving
    • Secure cloud viewing

    2. Vendor neutral archive
    Operating independently of proprietary server or storage technologies, the system provides scaling to meet the needs of any organizational need – from single departments to multiple departments in multiple

    3. Image Sharing
    The HOSTING Healthcare Archive is based on a scalable cloud architecture with availability and rapid provisioning powered by VMware-based hypervisors that include a wide breadth of security features. Leveraging the EMC Isilon storage platform, it enables healthcare companies to receive images, incorporate them into local systems, and efficiently share results with providers and patients.

    The HOSTING Healthcare Triple AimTM

    Faced with high patient demand, reduced reimbursements and a lack of specialized IT skills, healthcare organizations have been are increasingly relying on cloud-based solutions. The HOSTING Healthcare Triple Aim is designed to help fundamentally transform how healthcare is delivered through improved clinical workflow, streamlined decision-making and secure and accessible data sharing. All of these factors can help healthcare organizations operate more efficiently, stay ahead of evolving compliance regulations and improve the patient experience.

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    • 100% uptime SLA
    • Scalable into the petabytes
    • Leverages EMC Isilon storage platform
    • Choice of private, public, hybrid or dedicated clouds
    • HOSTING Public CloudTM includes automated failover
    • Data Encryption at Rest (available October 2014)


    • Retains separate internal Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) for unstructured data in a secure, cost-efficient environment
    • Adheres to Meaningful Use (MU), interoperability and business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR) protocols
    • Backed by the HOSTING 100% audit assurance to pass HIPAA OCR, HITRUST and PCI audit protocols
    • On-staff HIPAA compliance experts led by a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to ensure successful cloud migrations
    • Centralized repository eliminates the expense of purchasing separate archives for each PACS, providing a reduction in overall capital expenses (CapEx)
    • 24 x 7 x 365 expert support

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