Healthcare Data Centers Lack Critical Availability Services

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Once relegated to small-scale basement operations, healthcare data centers are rapidly gaining prominence as the growth and dependence on data continues to increase. According to research by IDC, healthcare data is growing at unprecedented 48% per year. As critical functions such as electronic health records (EHRs) and digital imaging require dedicated data center support, healthcare organizations need to incorporate critical availability services.

Healthcare data center outages lead all industries

The frequency of data center outages poses a challenge for healthcare organizations that are just starting to experience the “data tsunami.” IDC estimates that the volume of healthcare data in 2013 was approximately 153 exabytes. At projected growth rates, that figure will swell to 2,314 exabytes by 2020. And while data center outages are a chief concern across all industries, a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute reveals that healthcare facilities average 2.7 data center outages over a two-year period. While this figure is slightly down from an average of three outages over a 24-month period in 2010, it leads all other industries surveyed, including communications, financial services and retail. In addition, the report also found that healthcare facilities had the second longest average data center outage at 122 minutes per incident.

A decrease in outages – no matter how slight – has a positive impact on an organization’s bottom line. The average cost in lost revenue from is $669,000. according to the Ponemon Institute’s 2013 report. This represents 41% increase of the $397,000 cost per incident in 2010.

Increased data center demands require critical availability services

Data center demands continue to escalate, requiring senior level management to invest more resources in preventing costly outages. Hospitals and other healthcare delivery organizations have contingency plans in place to ensure their facilities remain running regardless of circumstances. That same mentality and preparedness needs to be applied to their data center operations.

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All levels of  availability are backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). For those who have the utmost need for uptime and performance, we offer the HOSTING Critical Availability Service™, which delivers certified, tested and proven configurations wrapped in an advanced SLA.

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  1. I definitely agree that hospitals and other healthcare organizations should ensure that their data centers run efficiently and safely. Cloud services are a great way to keep information safe. Thanks for sharing!

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