Lessons Learned from Healthcare.gov Website

Following recent headlines on Healthcare.gov and issues paramount to the website, Catherine Roy, manager of service delivery and project management at HOSTING, shares thoughts on the following lessons learned over the past ten years working on over 2,000 IT projects.healthcare.gov website image

Load balance testing: Effective website hosting and cloud computing companies ensure proper load balance testing for a successful new website launch or migration. If you expect 500,000 users don’t perform load testing with 100 users on the first two pages of your web site.  Instead, mimic your customer experience from beginning to end.

Bandwidth:  In simple terms, think of your front door and imagine trying to shove an elephant through it… not pretty! Be sure to look for a website hosting company or cloud service provider that enables you to change the size of your front door to meet bandwidth demands. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Perform network testing:  If you are moving environments, confirm, test and retest your network separately.

Plan for contingencies: If testing isn’t successful, can you roll back or apply Plan B, or even Plan C? Putting the best project managers and team aside, projects can steer off course for various reasons such as changes in management, changes in budget, or even changes in timelines. Planning will enable you to effectively complete your mission.

Don’t pass the buck: Enough of the blame game… when bad things happen to good project teams, stop the finger pointing! A world-class team will rally together to find solutions and focus on communicating with various stakeholders. Assess where you are, plan — and then work with your team to get the job done.


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