HOSTING 2020 Vision

  1. HOSTING 2020 Vision

The HOSTING 2020 Vision is defined by our core commitment to serve and guide our customers. We aspire to empower our customers with advanced infrastructure capabilities that drive unprecedented business success at every step of the game. Our vision consists of five core principle objectives that HOSTING will continue to pursue as means to better guide our customers toward a better future:

1. Global Brand and Presence

Cloud computing has evolved to overcome geographic limitations associated with IT infrastructure access, operations and processes. HOSTING will continue to maximize the potential of its cloud capabilities to establish a global presence, tapping into new markets and serving more customers than ever before. In addition to the entire U.S. market, our attention focus will encompass Europe and Canada in particular.

2. Availability and Performance

The modern business organization demands unparalleled availability and performance of their IT resources to deliver products and services efficiently, without interruptions and offer superior user experience. HOSTING dedicates significant resources to achieve high-performance, always-available IT infrastructure services for its customers and will continue to expand these capabilities to surpass customer expectations of IT availability and performance.

3. Compliance and Security

HOSTING invests a lot of time and efforts to ensure compliance with stringent global regulations and defense against sophisticated cyber-attacks. New technologies present new opportunities for businesses to thrive and maximize revenue potential, but also open doors to unforeseen compliance concerns and security vulnerabilities. Hosting aims to excel in protecting its customers against rising security threats and manage compliance risks.

4. Unified Cloud

The ability to trade high IT CapEx with affordable OpEx has emerged as the primary value proposition of cloud computing for organizations of all sizes and industry verticals. However, the subscription-based model itself is not always optimized for the best performance and returns on investments. We will strive to excel unified technologies to help our customers get the best out of their cloud investments by leveraging the right cloud technology for the right set of workloads at the right time.

5. Expert Practice Areas

HOSTING plans to develop its products portfolio to address unique business requirements of organizations from every industry vertical, individually. By the year 2020, HOSTING aims to expand tailored micro-vertical specific cloud products and services for a diverse range of industries that face unique business challenges every day.

To learn more about where the cloud is heading and how it addresses real IT challenges, download our white paper. Or contact HOSTING anytime to discuss how we can help meet your specific business needs.

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