HOSTING Adapts its Private Cloud to Address My Business Needs

As President of ARM Insight, providing financial services in a competitive and fast-changing business, I need a cloud service provider that can not only enable the advantages of cloud computing for me, but can do it in a way that matches my business model. Or, quite simply, I do not survive.

ARM Insight provides financial analytics via a SaaS solution to both public and private sectors including states and large banks. ARM’s solutions enable these financial institutions to cost-effectively manage the programs and services that surround pre-paid credit cards.

In my business, security is my top concern. I wanted to have ARM’s software in the cloud – as a SaaS app – but required a private cloud solution to put my customers’ minds at ease.   As I add new customers, HOSTING puts up cloud infrastructure to support them. However, HOSTING (and other cloud service providers), traditionally charge a large amount up front to put up a new private cloud environment for each and every customer. After all, they need to cover their costs, right? But, while this was standard practice, it didn’t fit my business model. I needed to incur costs gradually over time, the way my customers pay me. Only HOSTING was willing to consider an alternative.

The COO of HOSTING, Joel Daly, as well as my account rep, Heather Russell, spent a good amount of time with me, getting a deep understanding of my business and my needs that could be met by both private cloud services and public cloud services. But more importantly, they were innovative in the way the payments for those services were structured. They found a way to charge ARM that more closely aligned with how my customers compensate me. That made all the difference in the profitability of my company – and in my ability to serve my customers more effectively.

The cloud computing market is new – or at least still evolving. It requires innovations – not only in cloud hosting – but in the way that cloud technology is applied to business. So while I initially chose HOSTING for their reliable processing, the highest level of security – including PCI compliance – and the ability to scale as my business grows, I have ultimately grown my business with them because they were willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their managed cloud hosting solutions were tailored for my business in a way that is a win/win for both of us.

In short, HOSTING’s definition of cloud computing, I’ve found, doesn’t match other providers – they adapt their definition to my business, rather than me having to adapt my business to their definition of cloud.

That’s what I look for in my cloud services provider.


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