HOSTING and ScienceLogic Present Living with Hybrid IT

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In the latest HOSTING webinar, Living with Hybrid IT, HOSTING teamed up with partner ScienceLogic to discuss how advanced performance monitoring solutions provide organizations with greater visibility into their hybrid IT environments. Missed it? Following are some highlights from their presentation. You can also view their webinar on demand.

State of Hybrid Cloud Adoption

ScienceLogic’s annual report on the state of hybrid IT adoption shows that 81% of respondents have adopted the public cloud and have established a hybrid IT environment. Seventy-two percent of respondents said that they are planning to make a “dramatic investment” in hybrid IT in in the next 12 months. Good news, except that many of these companies lack visibility into these environments.

  • 33% of survey respondents said that they weren’t adequately trained on hybrid IT.
  • 66% of respondents who had invested in hybrid IT admitted that they were “flying blind” and lacked visibility into their hybrid IT environments.
  • 72% of respondents don’t have historical information on their performance, to predict the future.
  • 52% don’t have a way to determine what resources they are paying for and what return they are getting from their investments.
  • 75% don’t have a way to control their cloud sprawl.

HOSTING Unified Cloud Monitoring 

Through its partnership with ScienceLogic, the HOSTING Enhanced Services team provides enterprises with the ability to monitor all IT assets, regardless of location. They can also drill down to any part of their technologies, wherever they it resides – internal infrastructure, private cloud data centers or resources in the public cloud. Finally, they map dependencies from one asset to another, for example, compute in a private cloud; and storage and backup in a public cloud. Key benefits of the HOSTING Unified Cloud Monitoring solution include the following:

  • Provides complete end-to-end visibility into hybrid IT environments
  • Identifies costly cloud resource consumption
  • Aligns security policies with correct virtual private clouds (VPCs)
  • Locates culprit systems
  • Helps avoid potential outages

Use Case: Unified Cloud Monitoring and Security

Paul and Dan reviewed a number of use cases for the HOSTING Unified Cloud monitoring solution including security instances that commonly occur with service providers managing multiple environments. In many cases, organizations will have multiple virtual private clouds (VPCs); each with its own set of security policies. Service providers may have multiple VPCs, subnets and security rules for each of their clients. Human error will likely come into play at some point, and someone will deploy to the wrong VPC with the wrong security settings. The result? A whole host of security challenges and compliance issues. Once deployed, it isn’t easy to tell if all of the instances are deployed in the correct VPCs or note. However, using dynamic device groups found in the HOSTING Unified Cloud Monitoring solution, you can quickly see that an instance is deployed and aligned to the right organization but the wrong VPC.

Organizations are burdened with managing multiple technologies within a hybrid IT environment – across the network, systems, OS, hyper visors, applications and more. In order to maximize their cloud investments, they need the ability to see the health, availability and interdependencies of all their technologies via a single pane of glass. Why rely on 7-14 different monitoring tools when the HOSTING Unified Cloud Monitoring solution offers complete visibility throughout an organizations hybrid IT environments. Contact us to learn more. Check out the HOSTING Monitoring Solutions FAQs and our recent blog post, 5 Business Benefits for Application Performance Monitoring for more information.

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