HOSTING CEO Art Zeile Weighs in on Starbucks’ Computer Outage

  1. hosting-ceo-art-zeile-weighs-in-on-startbucks-computer-outage

For those who crave their caffeine in the evening, last week’s computer outage at Starbucks was a dream come true.  The outage disrupted sales registers at 8,000 company-operated Starbucks stores in the United States and Canada. Stores that has not already closed for the evening closed early. Those stores that stayed open offered customers free coffee at no charge (kudos to all the quick-thinking baristas!)

Fortunately, the outage wasn’t caused by a cyber attack or external data breach. But how could an internal failure have such a major impact on one of the most technically sophisticated companies in the world? HOSTING CEO Art Zeile shares his thoughts in a recent article he penned for The Street. You can read the complete article here.

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