HOSTING Cloud Accused of Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Acloud banned substance recent Cloud Spectator report contains strong evidence that HOSTING’s Public Cloud is using multiple performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to achieve the levels documented in recent testing.  In the summary, Cloud Spectator states, “HOSTING outperforms both Amazon and Rackspace across the 14-day testing period,” leading this blogger to believe that HOSTING has gained an unfair competitive advantage through the use of PEDs.

Furthermore, Cloud Spectator states that “HOSTING outperformed Amazon and Rackspace in 66% of the Windows tests… and in more than 70% of Linux tests shown on the report.”  If ever there was a smoking gun as to the true root cause of HOSTING’s dominance over Amazon and Rackspace, this is it.

When I confronted Art Zeile, HOSTING’s CEO, with the evidence, I was sent the following statement:

“HOSTING’s Cloud has not, does not, and will never use performance-enhancing drugs.  Our Cloud’s superior performance is based on our architectural design and disciplined operational rigor, employed to provide the absolute best customer experience possible.  Our Cloud performance is a result of lots of hard work and dedication to build and operate high performance Clouds for business-critical applications.  If our Cloud happens to out perform Amazon and Rackspace, this is their problem, not ours.  After all, one Cloud had to be the best. We let the tests speak for themselves.”

Nice try, Mr. Zeile, nice try.  This fact alone, uncovered by Cloud Spectator — “HOSTING outperformed Amazon and Rackspace in every [network] benchmark (7 out of 7 network tests) compared to Rackspace and Amazon,” and “HOSTING has higher speed, lower latency and more stable performance” — is almost 100% proof-positive evidence that the allegations are true.

The court of public opinion will rule in this case, but to decide for yourself, check out the full high-performance cloud benchmark report from Cloud Spectator.


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