HOSTING COO Joel Daly Presents – How You Can Create a WOW Service Culture!

Anyone who has been kept on hold for 20 minutes while waiting to speak with a “live person” in tech support or stood in line overnight just to buy the latest smart phone will tell you that technology and customer service don’t often go hand in hand. Think about the last time you were wowed by the service you received from a technology company – or any company for that matter. Anything come to mind?

While a great customer service culture doesn’t happen overnight, it is attainable with the right approach. Please join us on Wednesday, April 16 at 12:00 noon EST, for our latest webinar, How You Can Create a WOW Service Culture! Joel Daly, HOSTING COO, will discuss the journey HOSTING embarked upon to reach a customer-focused service culture, including the companies we admire, the obstacles we overcame and the role our customers continue to play in developing it. Funny, engaging and informative, Joel will cover the key elements for creating your own WOW service culture including:WOW Customer Service

  • An overview of “The New Experience Economy”
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) that HOSTING deploys to measure the success of its strategy
  • Three Business Truths that guide customer–centric service companies
  • The role of customer journey maps in HOSTING’s constant work to continuously improve its cloud computing solutions, processes and customer experience

Some say that exceptional customer service is a lost art or – even worse – on the verge of extinction. And with a few notable exceptions (here’s looking at you, Nordstrom), they are probably right. Many companies are grappling with how to create a customer-focused culture. While they have reams of “customer data,” they lack insights into what is valuable and meaningful to their customers. Without that knowledge, these companies could also face extinction.

From our inception, HOSTING decided that it was going to be different. Not only is creating the best possible cloud computing experience in our DNA, it contributes to the our industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) as well as the kudos we receive from our customers, partners and companies such as Glassdoor, (which recently named HOSTING one of the best places to work).

Come with your questions and be prepared to create your own WOW service culture. Register for How You Can Create a WOW Service Culture! today.

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