A HOSTING Customer Profile – Capsilon

Capsilon is a provider of document sharing, imaging and collaboration solutions. Their flagship product, DocVelocity®, is a cloud-based solution that enables document management and collaboration, eliminating inefficiencies caused by paper documents often found in businesses.

DocVelocity for the Mortgage Industry

Document Capture – DocVelocity enables the capture of documents from geographically dispersed branch operations and partners, and eliminates the labor normally spent indexing and identifying documents.

Document Collaboration – With DocVelocity, secure, electronic sharing and collaboration become possible among all lending participants from originator to investor.

Document Delivery – Packaging and delivering electronic documents for any investor, insurer, servicer, and other third-party is simple and immediate.

Document Retention – DocVelocity securely and reliably retains your mortgage folders for compliance, audit, and discovery.

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